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37 Unique Birthday Gifts for Him

His birthday is coming up and you definitely don’t want to get him something that’s run of the mill. No, you want something special, something that stands out, something that’s going to get more than a polite thank you.

So what do you do? The smartest thing is to peruse through this list of unique birthday gifts for him and choose one that most suits the man in mind!

Star Wars Darth Vader Piggy Bank


Because no man’s home is complete without a Darth Vader piggy bank.

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Digital Eye Massager


Relieve eye strain, dryness, sinus pressure and headaches whenever, wherever you need to with this delightful digital eye massager.

It uses a combination of intelligent air pressure, vibration, point massage and hot compress massaging technology to improve blood circulation that reduces puffiness and dark circles and instantly relax your eyes.

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LED Word Clock


Who needs numbers when you’ve got a matrix of words that highlight to display the correct time? Makes for a wonderfully unique gift for the home or office!

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Laundry Punching Bag


It costs you money. It smells bad. It takes valuable time out of your day. Yea, we’re talking about laundry and exactly why it needs a beatdown.

This two-in-one laundry bag and punching bag allows you to keep all your laundry in one place while giving you an opportunity to vent all your various frustrations.

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SALT Self Defense Pepper Spray Gun


The SALT Pepper Spray Gun offers the same trusted, non-lethal protection of pepper spray but at 10 times the safe distance. Shaped like a traditional handgun, SALT shoots rounds filled with a powdered pepper spray that create a chemical cloud upon impact, incapacitating anyone in the vicinity.

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Ceramic Face Mug with Snack Holder


This human face mug does what all mugs should do: hold donuts.

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Color Changing Umbrella

unique gifts for men

We all have to deal with a little bit of rain.

Help him stay dry in style with this color-changing umbrella. It’s jet black with pristine white raindrops, which change to all the colors of the rainbow when wet.

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Clocky Run Away Alarm Clock

helpful housewarming gifts

Make sure he’s never late for work again. He’ll begrudgingly love you for it.

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Revolights Bicycle Lighting System


Voted “The Best Bike Lighting System in the World” by Men’s Journal Magazine, Revolights feature LEDs that synchronize to your speed to create a legal headlight, functional brake light and unmatched 360 visibility for your bike.

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Tile Phone and Key Finder

housewarming gifts

The best gifts are the ones that are actually useful, like this little device that’ll help him locate his keys, his phone and anything else he regularly misplaces.

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Natural Wood Cat Back Scratcher


Because everyone needs a cat that scratches all the right places!

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Kymera Magic Wand Remote Control

cool housewarming gifts

This remote control wand takes the cake as the best gift for Harry Potter lovin’ men. It’s compatible with most home electronics – including TVs, DVD players, DVRs and stereo systems and can control pretty much anything that can be remote controlled with just a flick and a swish.

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Superhero Throw Blankets with Sleeves

funny housewarming gifts
A comfy – and hilarious – housewarming gift.

Perfect for sick days or any day you want to feel invincible.

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Prefer Superman?

funny housewarming giftsGet it here!

The “Sure, I’ll Try it” UnBasket

birthday present for wife

Only for the brave, this box tests any pallet. Comes with a changing assortment of sweets. Guaranteed to lead to laughs and a lot of “I dare you to try…” moments.

Find it here!

Pavlok Habit Breaker cool-gifts-habit-breaker

Wondering what this odd little gadget does? Well, it helps us with something most of us could use a hand with – breaking bad habits. Designed to change your behavior, the Pavlok straps to your wrist and combines proven behavioral training techniques, innovative “zaptic” hardware, and tracking software to help you kick habits like smoking, nail biting, eating sugar, being unproductive, hitting the snooze button, and more.

Perfect for the masochist person who wants to improve their ways.

Find it here!

Human Face Ball Stress Balls


Life can get so frustrating and with these awesome little human face stress balls, you can help him improve his grip while venting his anger.

Find it here!

Mustache Cork Coasters

great stocking stuffers

Sip in style with these classy cork mustache coasters.

Find ’em here!

Hawaiian Print Men’s Socks


Know someone who wears suits everyday? He’ll get a kick from knowing that his feet are on vacation in Hawaii even as he’s sitting through that super serious meeting.

Find it here!

Sharkbanz Shark Repeller


Know a diver/surfer/beach junkie? Well, give them the gift of not getting eaten by sharks. This cool little gadget makes a comfortable arm band that serves an all-important purpose: keeping sharks away.

Hoorah to that.

Find it here!

Giant Gummy Bear

unique gifts for female friends

A bag of gummy bears? Meh. A gigantic, 5-pound gummy bear? Awesome. Weighing in at a whopping 5 pounds, you can bet this gummy bear will last for a good long time…which never happens with gummy bears in a bag, does it?

Find it here!

Kinkajou Bottle Cutter


It looks like a scary, sadistic torture device but its awesome functionality guarantees that it’ll soon become one of your favorite beer gadgets. Ever.

That’s ’cause this cool device allows you to transform old beer bottles into cool drinking glasses, candle holders and keepsakes. The perfect gift for any beer lover!.

Find it here!

Taste N Cook 13-Inch Bamboo Chopsticks

creative stocking stuffers

Unique and gorgeous bamboo chopstick set for all the ramen lovers out there. They will truly appreciate the fork and spoon ends that are built in for taste testing while cooking.

Find them here!

Beard Glitter Kit

unique gifts for men

Add some sparkle to any beard with this complete kit. Complete with organic glitter serum allowing for easy application. It all comes in a festive tin and allows for party fun.

Find it here!

Go Cubes Chewable Coffee

unique gifts for men

Chewable coffee sounds like a dream. Each gummy is worth half a cup of coffee. There are different flavors allowing for a taste experience. Buy this pack of pack of 20 and your coffee lover will have enough caffeine for a long time.

Find it here!

Knuckle Duster Coffee Mug

cool guy gifts

This coffee mug brings together coffee and self-defense. The handle is shaped like a titanium knuckle duster, and the mug holds 15 ounces. A great statement piece for home or the office.

Find it here!

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