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56 Naughty and Nice Stocking Stuffers for Adults

Adult-ing is hard work so don’t think you can get away with stuffing their stockings with the same old chocolates and silly putty you’re putting in the kids’ stockings. No, you want to get them a bunch of goodies they’ll actually appreciate, like these naughty (and nice!) stocking stuffers for adults…

The Invincible Mighty Mug

Who hasn’t accidentally knocked a mug of coffee, a glass of soda or a cup of tea on their laptops, laps, notes, etc.?

It’s happened to the best of us but isn’t it time we stand up and say NO MORE? No more messy spills to clean up, no more precious coffee lost. If you feel like enough is enough, you’ll want to get one of these invincible Mighty Mugs. These marvelous mugs refuse to get pushed around and even has a double wall construction to keep your drinks hot or cold longer.

Seriously, everybody needs one of these.

Find it here!

Corkcicle Chillsner Beer Chiller

cool beer gifts for men

The best thing you can do for a beer lover? Give them the gift of cold beer. Always. From the first sip to the last.

Find ’em here!

Deep Steep Bubble Bath

good breakup gifts

Winters are cold and harsh, which means luxurious bubble baths are a must.

Pair it with a decadent bottle of champagne to make these the best stocking stuffers ever.

Get it here!

Betty Beauty Pubic Hair Dye


Know a fun, edgy woman with a great sense of humor? Well, she’s going to get a huge kick out of this. Betty offers a line of hair dyes for the “hair down there” that ranges from sensible shades of brown and black to vibrant pinks and blues.

Note: You might want to make sure you know this person really well before gifting this.

Check out the whole range of colors here!

F U, Penguin

funny housewarming gifts

Adorably hilarious book, perfect as a stocking stuffer for anyone who likes:

1. Pictures of cute animals.

2. Laughing.

So, pretty much everyone.

Find it here!

Ben and Jerry’s Euphori-Lock

awesome gift ideas

Help your family protect their ice cream from one another with this combination lock protector. Complete with taunting note: “I’m terribly sorry, but there is no “u” in “my pint.”


Yours for $19.99!

Hot Stone Massage Synergy Stone


This perfect do-it-yourself massager heats up quickly in a microwave or hot water and has an ingenious wave design that makes it easy to to give gentle to deeper massage anywhere you need it.

Don’t be fooled by its simplicity – the massages it delivers is every bit as luxurious as those you’d get at a spa.

Find it here!

Womanizer Clitoral Stimulator


You know what’s the best thing you can get a stressed out, frenzied adult for Christmas? If you guessed an orgasm, you got it right.

Find it here! 

Stainless Steel Key Chain Flask

unique stocking stuffers

Know what’s missing from pretty much everyone’s life? A stainless steel key chain flask. Get them one.

Find it here!

Whale Coffee Mug and Cookie Holder

good gifts for animal lovers

Who the hell doesn’t love whales? And cookies. And probably coffee, too. Well, gift them the best of all worlds with this whale-shaped coffee and cookie holder. It’s the best.

Get it here!

Sriracha2Go Keychain

unique stocking stuffers

Ever have those horrible moments when you’re at a restaurant and you realize they don’t have any Sriracha sauce? Prevent that from ever happening again with Sriracha2Go.

Find it here!

Organic Dry Shampoo


Here’s the one thing that a lot of women just cannot live without: dry shampoo. It seems like such a frivolous, pointless invention but on those days when you can really use the extra 15 minutes of sleep, have back to back meetings or are just too hungover to shower before brunch…dry shampoo is the unsung hero of your day.

So if your friend doesn’t already have a trusty bottle – trust us, she’ll appreciate it. Especially since this one’s 100% organic and free of any ingredients that may irritate her scalp.

Find it here!

Beer Flavored Jelly Beans
cool gifts for beer lovers

Where have these jelly bellies been all my life?! Absolutely delicious, beer-flavored jelly beans guaranteed to make any beer lover very, very happy.

Find ’em here!

Face/Butt Soapbest housewarming gifts

Ever wish you could just stop washing your FACE with the BUTT soap? This is a distinction we should all make – but hey, who has the time to keep track of which soap we used on what?

Help your family out with these handy little soaps.


Find them here!

Yoga for Beginners & Beyond

fitness gifts for women over 50

This yoga set comes with 3 DVDs. Routines range from 15 minutes to 60 minutes and building up flexibility, mental awareness and all around fitness.

Find it here!

Guinness Luxury Dark Chocolate Truffles

best beer gifts

Chocolate all around and a Guinness flavored center…how does it get any better than that?

Find ’em here!

Knuckle Duster Coffee Mug

cool guy gifts

This coffee mug brings together coffee and self-defense. The handle is shaped like a titanium knuckle duster, and the mug holds 15 ounces. A great statement piece for home or the office.

Find it here!

Elephant Ring Holder

unique stocking stuffers

This beautiful cast metal elephant holds all your rings on its wonderfully long and delicate snout and tusks.

Find it here!

Crystal Skull Shotglass

cool stocking stuffers

Drinking whiskey neat not bada** enough? Pour it into a crystal skull shotglass.

Find it here!

Reindeer Mug


It’s a reindeer that holds coffee. The perfect stocking stuffer. Bonus points if there are candies in it!

Find it here!

Mini Panda Power Bank Portable Charger


So cute and so practical, this highly portable charger is easy to stow away into any purse for a full charge wherever you roam.

Find it here!

Shapes Drink Rocks


These cool geometry shapes keep your drinks cold without watering them down!

Find it here!

Hurraw! Organic Lip Balm Set

great stocking stuffers

The weather outside is frightful and the first body part to suffer are always the lips. Give your loved ones the always lovely gift of soft, moisturized puckers with a set of Hurraw’s 100% organic lip balms. They come in super yummy flavors like Root Beer, Chocolate, Coconut, and more!

Find ’em here!

Bar10der 10-in-1 Ultimate Bartending Tool

best stocking stuffers

Made of high quality stainless steel and available in several colors, this 10-in-1 ultimate bartending tool includes a Muddler, Knife, Reamer, Stirrer, Strainer, Corkscrew, and everything else your at-home bartender needs.

Find it here!

Dear Asshole: 101 Tear Out Letter to the Morons Who Much Up Your Life

funny stocking stuffers

Who hasn’t gotten pissed at the idiot who didn’t clean up after his dog or the jerk who took the parking space you were clearly waiting for? Well, this handy little book makes it easy to convey your displeasure.

Complete with 101 pre-written, tear-out letters, this book covers almost every type of moron out there. It’s a hilarious stocking stuffer for pretty much anyone you know.

Find it here!

Exfoliating Loofah Back Scrubber great stocking stuffers

You know who’s annoyed by their inability to properly clean, scrub and exfoliate the skin on their back? Everybody.

That’s what makes this one of the best stocking stuffers for men, women and anybody else with a back.

Find it here!

Kovot Personal Fondue Mugs


Sometimes, you just want some fondue without having to find the nearest restaurant or fire up a full fondue pot. Well, all you need to get your fondue on with these personal fondue mugs is some cheese and a little tealight.

Find it here!

The Married Kama Sutra: The World’s Least Erotic Sex Manual


This is a hilarious book for couples with a sense of humor. Inside, you’ll find an illustrated “sequel” to the famous Kama Sutra, complete with a guide to the position of married life and all the stuff that comes with it, i.e. dirty diapers, TV remotes, and wine glasses.

Find it here!

Corki Bottle Stopper


Got a dog lover you’re shopping for? Here’s the perfect bottle stopper for them!

Find it here!

Konjac Sponge Set

stocking stuffers for women

This 3-pack set of 100% natural and organic konjac sponges is the perfect stocking stuffer for women – or anyone who’d love a little gentle exfoliation.

Find ’em here!

ThinOPTICS Stick Anywhere, Go Anywhere Reading Glasses


Never be without your reading glasses ever again!

ThinOptics patented shatter-proof lenses are made from thermo-injection molded optical grade poly-carbonate and weigh less than a nickel and are as thick as a credit card, allowing you to easily slip them into the Universal Pod Case and stick them on the back of your phone, your laptop, in your purse, etc.

Find it here!

F*ck Me Eau de Parfum

Know a woman with a sense of humor? She’ll love this hilarious perfume. It makes a great gag gift that’s actually useful since this complex “floral, oriental fruity” scent smells quite lovely and is designed to be irresistibly stimulating for men.

Find it here!

Magnetic Wristband

cool stocking stuffers

A stocking stuffer any handyman around the house will love, this flexible wristband is embedded with super strong magnets for holding screws, scissors, and small tools. 

Find it here!

Weener Kleener Soap

funny stocking stuffers

The Weener Kleener brings a “hole” new dimension of fun in the shower or bath and makes a hilarious stocking stuffer for a guy with a sense of humor. 

Find it here!

Matador Pocket Blanket

This picnic blanket folds up way small and spreads out really wide – a great, practical stocking stuffer to give them something to look forward to (i.e. summer!)

Find it here!

Tabasco Spicy Dark Chocolate Wedges

cool stocking stuffers

Any sort of chocolate makes a great stocking stuffer…but spicy chocolate definitely takes it up several notches. A wonderfully unique stocking stuffer perfect for anyone who loves chocolate (so, everyone).

Find it here!

Bacon Lube

funny white elephant gift ideas

Perfect for anyone with a bad case of bacon lovin’…

Find it here!

KeySmart Compact Key Holder


You live, you get access to places and you end up with a whole lot of keys. But doesn’t mean you need to walk around jingling all the time – at least not with one of these compact key holders.

The KeySmart makes it easy to organize all your keys into one neat container. A must have for anyone with keys (so…everyone).

Find it here!

Lush Dirty Toothy Solid Toothpaste Tabs


Bad breath is never sexy. Except as adults, we’re constantly drinking things like coffee and booze – neither of which really helps the breath situation. Help them keep things minty fresh with these toothpaste tabs!

Find it here!

Mustache Tie Clip

unique gifts for men

Because everybody knows no tie is complete without a mustache.

Find it here!

Go Cubes Chewable Coffee

unique gifts for men

Chewable coffee sounds like a dream. Each gummy is worth half a cup of coffee. There are different flavors allowing for a taste experience. Buy this pack of pack of 20 and your coffee lover will have enough caffeine for a long time.

Find it here!

Giant Hand Blown Wine Glass

funny gifts for women over 50

This giant wine holder is a great gag gift that’s actually pretty darn functional. Standing at 20 inches, this is a great gift for any wine lover.

Find it here!

Dude Wipes Flushable Wipes

best stocking stuffers for men

Unscented and soothing wipes specially formulated for dudes. Makes a funny, useful stocking stuffer for men!

Find it here!

How to Live with a HUGE Penis

funny white elephant gift ideas

The title says it all. A hilarious stocking stuffer for adults with a sense of humor.

Find it here!

The BIG Coloring Book of Vaginas

funny white elephant gift ideas

Why should penises have all the fun? Especially when there’s coloring involved…

Find it here!

Aqua Notes

best housewarming gifts

Why is it that we get so many of our best ideas in the shower? Why, if we only had a chance to write them all down, we might’ve already discovered a cure for cancer…or at least for acne.

Spare your family from ever letting another idea slip down the drain of the bathroom.

Find it here!

Taste N Cook 13-Inch Bamboo Chopsticks

creative stocking stuffers

Unique and gorgeous bamboo chopstick set for all the ramen lovers out there. They will truly appreciate the fork and spoon ends that are built in for taste testing while cooking.

Find them here!

Whale Bottle Opener

unique housewarming gifts

The cutest little bottle opener that ever was – for only $19.99.

Get it now!

Ciaté Caviar Manicure

cool stocking stuffers for women

A fun, two-step nail art kit makes the perfect stocking stuffer for the nail aficionado!

Find it here!

Accoutrements Inflatable Beard

unique stocking stuffers

A hilarious stocking stuffer perfect for the man with a sense of humor.

Find it here!

Stainless Steel Feather Bookmark


Luxurious and practical, this steel bookmark is perfect for the discerning bookworm.

Find it here!

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