Top 10 Mustache Gifts

Know someone with massive mustache love?

Check out our top 10 mustache gifts guaranteed to make any ‘stache-lover’s day.

Cool Gifts with Mustache Design for Guys and Girls

Mustache Gifts #1. Stache Straws

Help your friend add class to any glass with these clip-on plastic mustaches. It’s a set of six that are dishwasher friendly and clip on to any standard-sized straws.

Get ’em now

Mustache Gifts #2. Keep Calm and Mustache On Watch

It’s the wisest little shot watch¬†that ever was. It’ll help remind of the important things in life every time you check the time.

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Mustache Gifts #3. Mustache Fridge Magnets by Thabto

Give your friends the gifts of mustaches on everything. This set of fridge magnets features 14 awesome styles of ‘staches for everything you ever thought of sticking on your fridge – from family photos to grocery lists.

Buy it now.

Mustache Gifts #4. Mustache Stickers

Does your friend believe that nothing is complete without a big, fat mustache?

Let’em add ‘staches to everything their ‘stache-lovin’ hearts desire with this set of 2 mustache stickers. They don’t leave residue for when your friend decides to shave.

Get it now.

Mustache Gifts #5. Water Bottle Labels

Does your mustache-lover drink…water?

Keep them showing their mustache love with very bottle of water they sip on!

Get 50 labels!

Mustache Gifts #6. Mustache Flasks

Have a friend who prefers the harder stuff?

Get the stainless steel mustache flask.

Or in matte black…(holds an ounce more)

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Mustache Gifts #7. Mustache Bear by Gund

Of course, they’ll need someone to snuggle up to after making use of those flasks…

This mustachioed bear charges a one-time fee.

Wait…just when you thought it couldn’t get cuter…

Get this mustachio plush

Mustache Gifts #8. Mustache Canvas Backpack

The ‘stache-iest bag that ever was.

Check it out – there are many color choices to be had.

Mustache Gifts #9. Mustache Throw Blanket

Who doesn’t love fleece blankets? Especially a colorfully mustachioed one.

Help your friend stay in ‘stached-out comfort where he or she roams – concert, stadiums, the park bench, the living room couch – with this 100% fleece mustache-d throw blanket.

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Mustache Gifts #10. Mustache Clocks

Has your friend ever expressed wanting the help of a dozen floating mustaches to tell the time?

No? Well, we sometimes we just don’t know what’s good for us. Help ’em out, will ya?

Get it here

Or if they prefer the more serious mustache…

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