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Gifts for Cat Lovers: The Ultimate Guide

Do you have a cat lover in your life who has a birthday coming up? Check out our top 10 gifts for cat lovers – all of them guaranteed to brighten up any cat lover’s day.

Gifts for Cat Lovers #1. Inflatable Unicorn Horn

gifts for cat lovers

Did you know that most cats dream of becoming a unicorn when they grow up? ‘Tis true. Ignore that cat’s grumpy look.

Help your cat lover’s cat’s dreams come true for $7!  Makes the perfect side-gift or addition to a gift package.

Gifts for Cat Lovers #2. Black Cat Headphones

gifts for cat lovers

Know a cat lover who loves music? Of course you do. Let them rock their cat love every time they plug into their iPod.

Get it now for $42!

Gifts for Cat Lovers #3. I Could Pee on This: And Other Poems by Cats

gifts for cat lovers

This book of feline poetry is purrr-fect for the cat-lover you know. It’s a hilarious collection of tongue-in-cheek poetry with titles like:

  • “Who is That on Your Lap?”
  • “Nudge”
  • “Some of My Best Friends are Dogs.”

Only $10.33 for this awesome exploration into the cat psyche!

Want to help your cat lover write their own poetry?

gifts for cat lovers

Toss in this Magnetic Poetry kit for cat lovers for an awesome 2-part gift package.

Get it now for only $11!

Gifts for Cat Lovers #4. PyroPet Cat Candle

cat gifts candle

Love candles and cats? This is the most beautiful combination of the two you’ll find out there. Perfect small gift for any cat lover!

Get it now for $34!

Gifts for Cat Lovers #5. Galaxy Cats Umbrella

cat umbrella

Help the cat lover in your life brighten up every rainy day with their very own ultra bright Galaxy Cats umbrella. Guaranteed to make them smile every time it starts to pitter patter!

Get it now for $17!

Gifts for Cat Lovers #6. Kitty Paperclips

cat paperclips

What does every cat lover not-so-secretly wish for? To announce their cat love to the whole, entire world, of course!

Well, these little kitty paperclips make that wish come true. They can now attach their favorite felines to office files, receipts, bills and anything else their heart desires 🙂

Get ’em now for $22!

Gifts for Cat Lovers #7. Cat Ears Ring

cat ring gift

Gorgeous, subtle and doubles as a sharp-edged weapon. Exactly what every self-respecting cat lady needs.

Get it now for $9!

Gifts for Cat Lovers #8. Cat-opoly Board Game

cat gifts

Who doesn’t love a good old game of Monopoly? But why would anyone want to play with boring real estate when you can play with some of the most gorgeous cat breeds that ever existed?

Get it now for $19!

Gifts for Cat Lovers #9. Cat Tail Mug


What’s better than a mug with cat tails as a handle? Cat tail mugs that double as candle-holders, of course!

These beautiful cups are purrfect for any cat lover (or animal lover – they come in a variety of animals) who loves coffee, tea, or candles. So, yea, just about anyone.

Get ’em here for $15!

Gifts for Cat Lovers #10. Big Eyed Cat T-Shirt


A simple way to wear your love of cats across your heart, this super cute (and uncannily realistic) cat t-shirt is sure to make the cat lover in your life happy 🙂

Get it now for $22!

Gifts for Cat Lovers #11. Cat Butt Magnets


Silly, adorable and actually useful, this is a lovely gift for any cat lover in your life. Get ’em here for $12!

Gifts for Cat Lovers #12. Black Cat Tea Pot Set


As a raging cat lady myself, this one is my favorite cat gift, personally. It’s the go-to item I get for all my cat people friends.

Why? It’s really, really cute and it’s a cat but in a way that doesn’t scream “OMG! I LOVE CATS SO MUCH!!!” No, it’s more subtle in its feline adoration. Oh, and it’s super practical – you see, the cat’s head comes off to reveal a little teapot. How perfect is that?!

Get it now for $26!

Gifts for Cat Lovers #13. Emergency Meow Maker


A gag gift guaranteed to make any cat lover laugh, the Emergency Meow maker is button-activated to meow on command. The crazy cat lady in your life can carry it in her purse amongst the cans of cat food and hear a comforting meow whenever she or he pleases.

Get it now for $62!

Gifts for Cat Lovers #14. Mewgaroo Cat Holder Sweatshirt

great gifts for cat lover

What cat lover doesn’t love cuddling with her kitties? The Mewgaroo ups the cat cuddle game with a little pouch that allows the cat lover to walk and snuggle at the same time.

Find it here!

Gifts for Cat Lovers #15. The Devious Book for Cats: A Parody

gifts for cat lovers

Another hilarious book that cat-lovers will delight in – especially if they have The Onion-type of humor. For more hilarious cat books, check out the the funniest cat books ever written by a cat.

Only $13.60!

Gifts for Cat Lovers #16. The Life & Love of Cats

gifts for cat lovers

This is a gorgeous, must-have coffee-table book for cat lovers. It’s not as funny or insightful as the other cat books recommended above, but the pictures more than make up for it.

Get this book for the illustrations – the cat-lover in your life will love it.

Get it now for $30.12!

Gifts for Cat Lovers #17. Cats Reading Throw Blanket

gifts for cat lovers

Had enough of cat books? How ’bout a throw rug full of cats reading books?

Get it now for $59.95!

Gifts for Cat Lovers #18. Cat Scratching Pad by SuckUK

gifts for cat loversWhat do all cat owners wish their cats will grow up to be? Kitty DJs, of course.

Note: Unicorn-cats can still DJ, so hardly a conflict of interest there.

Help the cat lover in your life fulfill his or her dream – for only $33.08!

Gifts for Cat Lovers #19. Huge Cat Body Pillow

cat body pillow gift

Maybe your cat lover doesn’t have a cat. Or maybe they do, but want one that’s BIGGER and won’t scratch if you squeeze it too tight.

Get this gigantic kitty body pillow for $80!

Gifts for Cat Lovers #20. Chat Noir Framed Poster

gifts for cat lovers

Does your cat lover also love the Chat Noir prints?

Gift this gorgeously framed Chat Noir poster print for $49.99.

Wanna add something a little extra?

gifts for cat lovers

Pair it with this a Chat Noir mug for another $15.95.

Gifts for Cat Lovers #21. Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure


Does the cat lover in your life love to laugh? Are they good humored about the fact they are, indeed, a crazy cat lady? Well, make her or him feel like a superhero with their very own action figure modeled after them.

Get it now for $19!

Gifts for Cat Lovers #22. Cat Apron and Mitt


Got a cat lover in your life who loves to bake? She (or he) will love this cat-covered apron. Get it now for $18!

Pair it with this adorable cat mitten for an even better cat gift package…


It’s $11 for this cutie cat mitt!

Gifts for Cat Lovers #23. Cat Entertainment

gifts for cats

What is the one thing that breaks the heart of any cat owner? Leaving them along for long periods of time, of course. It’s often inevitable, but especially if the cat is an only child, guilt weighs heavy on the out-and-about busy owner.

Gift your cat-owning friend peace of mind with this While You Were Gone music collection for cats to ease and entertain the cats (s)he loves during the day.

Get it now for only $12.16!

Want to add something a little extra?

gifts for cat owners

Pair it up with Video Catnip, a cat entertainment DVD for another $19.95!

Gifts for Cat Lovers #24. Cute Cat Coffee Mug

cute presents for girls

These two ceramic mugs are great for cat lovers of all ages. They hold 12 ounces and have a large opening complete with cute ears. They are microwave and dishwasher friendly.

Find it here!

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