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Funny Gag Gifts for Best Friend

Most gift giving has become incredibly lame. Let’s be honest here, we’re all guilty of this. How many times have you left off the gift buying for too long and ended up bringing someone flowers? Or candles. Or even worse, something super practical like household supplies.

You don’t want to be that guy (or gal) forever, do you?

Of course not, especially since creative gift giving is pretty easy to do and brings huge rewards. Here’s a list of some of the best humorous gifts you can start blessing your friends with today.

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Funny Gag Gifts that Will Humor Your Best Friend

The Invincible Mighty Mug

These mugs are called Mighty for a reason. They are sturdy and virtually impossible to tip over thank their SmartGrip technology.

Sleek design with various color schemes to choose from. We do recommend red color because red enhances the shape and curves of the mug — giving it a distinct superhero vibe.

Don’t be fooled by its well-designed exterior, it also excels at insulation — capable of keeping your drinks hot for a prolong period of time.

In terms of capacity, the Mighty Mug is capable of storing 160z of your favorite drink.

Find it here!

Persian Rug Picnic Blanket

What’s better than lying out on the grass under the wide, open sky? Doing it on a luxurious Persian rug, of course.

Even better? This decadent “carpet” is weather resistant so you don’t have to worry about dry cleaning bills. It even comes with wonderful practicalities like a convenient pocket that has enough space for your valuables and a specially designed strap to transport this awesome blanket wherever you go.

Find it here!

F*ck Me Eau de Parfum

Is your best friend a woman with a fine sense of humor? If that’s the case, she’ll love this funny perfume. Probably the best practical gag gift you will ever find. Beneath its carefree mask, F*ck Me is a surprisingly good perfume with youthful fruity and floral notes.

Find it here!

LED Word Clock

A unique clock that tells time like no other clocks. This tabletop darling shows you in readable sentence by lighting up the words in certain sequence. Someone who spends most of their time in front of a desk (office worker, for example) will surely appreciate this gift. It’s also an excellent housewarming gift.

Find it here!

Natural Wood Cat Back Scratcher

Reach and satisfy itching sensation anywhere on your body with the help of this wooden feline helper. You will find that not only is this backscratcher the only thing you will need for now on for back itches, getting the help from a cat is strangely satisfying — especially if you’re a cat lover yourself! When the wooden cat is not at work, it is a tasteful decor that contents itself on the living room bookshelf.

Find it here!

Planter LED Lamp

A simple but novel idea that combines two of the most needed things on a desk — a lamp and some green stuff. This lamp/pot features a modern, minimalistic design with a carefree cement-looking exterior. It’s very eye-pleasing.

Find it here!

Human Face Ball Stress Balls

One of the best way to release stress is by venting in front of your friends. For your best friend, that venting target is probably you. But you aren’t always free, aren’t you? For situation like this, a stress ball is the next best thing. And this is not regular faceless stress ball either. As a matter of fact, it features a chubby human face with. When you squeeze the stress ball, the face twists in response. It’s all pretty entertaining.

Find it here!

Pug in a Mug Silicone Tea Infuser

Pug tea infuser. Made of silicone. This pug converts hot water into tea by taking a bath in it. If your friend likes tea and dogs (especially pugs!), he/she will love this tea infuser!

Find it here!

Fire Scented Candle

Forget vanilla. Cozy up next to your personal fireplace with this “fire”-scented candle by Tom Dixon. Unique container in extraordinary shape and bold colors.

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Find it here!

Headache Trigger Point Tool

Say goodbye to migraines with the help of this massager. No batteries or wall power required. It is one hundred percent portable and manual. This handy massager works magic on your head, neck, shoulder, and your back. The massage block is made of synthetic hard rubber. Check out the video below to see it in action.

Find it here!

Easter Island Ice Tray

No matter how much discovery has been made on Easter Island, it will always remain a mysterious island thanks to its moai stone statues. For decades, probably until now even, mankind has been fascinated by how could human in ancient time transport rocks of such size and make them into statues. That is beyond the scope of this article, but I just want to let you know that you can now put those statues in your drinking glass. Keep things cool and interesting with these Easter Island statues ice cubes.

Find it here!

Umbra FishHotel Aquarium

Fish tank cube for fish to live in. Officially called the “fish condominium”, because you can stack these cubes on top of each other or sideways to form a condo-like structure. Put this modernistic, if not futuristic, fish tank on your coffee table, work table, or bookshelf and instantly make the space feels more lively. A terrific housewarming gift. By the way, if you’re looking for housewarming gifts check out our funny housewarming gifts article.

Find it here!

Hawaiian Print Men’s Socks

Sometimes we are obligated to wear something that we don’t really enjoy wearing. A dull and dark-colored work suit, for example, or a uniform that is in a color that you dislike. No matter attire you’re forced to wear by circumstances, most of the time the circumstances won’t affect your decision on what socks to wear. That’s right — socks are the perfect little way to rebel against the system. This happy pair of socks features tropical –Hawaiian, specifically — flowers and leaves which is guaranteed to give you a (fake) sense of empowerment over the system!

Find it here!

The “Sure, I’ll Try it” UnBasket

Best food-themed gag gifts for the laughs. For of these are edible, some are not! So be careful who you are giving this gift to. The ideal recipient is a fully-responsible adults with a wicked sense of humor and daring.

Find it here!


Ben and Jerry’s Euphori-Lock

An official product from Ben & Jerry’s. This combination lock helps keep your Ben & Jerry ice cream safe from the evil tentacles of your coworker, boss, spouse, and offsprings. The unfortunate event of stolen ice cream will never occur again now that you’re protected by the Euphori-lock. This practical product is compatible with Ben & Jerry’s single pint ice cream. If you’re still not sold on this great ice cream protector, consider this, on the lock is a declaration of your rights over the ice cream that says “I’m terribly sorry, but there’s no ‘u’ in ‘my pint'”.

Find it here!

Giant Gummy Bear

5 pounds of little gummy bears in a bag? Meh. A single 5-pound gummy bear? Awesome! This giant gummy bear is the grand daddy of all regular (and inferior) little gummy bears. Eat it before it becomes sentience.

Find it here!

Bamboo Chopsticks

One-of-a-kind chopsticks. Made of bamboo (aka panda food). This is fun just-because gift. It is also great housewarming gift if you’re short on budget — I’m sure your best friend will be understanding. Ramen lovers will appreciate this unique pair of chopsticks. On each of the chopsticks is a spoon and fork, respectively.

Find them here!

Beard Glitter Kit

Somewhat pointless but fun gift for your bearded friends. Unbeared friends, however, may not find that much use for this. This Glitter Beard Kit adds glitter to your beard.

Find it here!

Go Cubes Chewable Coffee

I’m chewing my coffee — not something you hear everyday, is it? These Go Cubes are caffeinated coffee cubes that make you GO. Keep your mind clear and focused with the help of these coffee cubes.

Find it here!

Unicorn Pajamas

Purple unicorn onesie. Feel comfortable and warm when you wear this onesie at home (or out, if you dare too — or maybe on Halloween).

Find it here!

Benji Portable Travel Humidifier

The indoor air can get exceptionally dry especially during the colder months. Dry air causes dry skin. It also causes static to build up easily — waiting to go “SNAP!” when you touch a metal surface. It won’t kill you but it sure hurts quite a bit. One solution to the dry air problem is by using a humidifier. Benji is a portable humidifier in the shape of a blue robot (think Bay Max in Big Hero 6, but smaller and slimmer). It is powered by a USB cable, so you can choose to power it from the wall or with your computer. The little blue robot is surprising efficient, its water tank can keep it going for 8 hours straight.

Find it here!

DoubleKick Energizing Hot Sauce

This hot sauce is seriously unique. It is a hot sauce that scorches your mouth and tongue but in doing so it also boosts your energy level. That’s right, this hot sauce is infused with sweet sweet caffeine. Perfect for spicy food lovers and I wanted to say coffee lovers, but perhaps the term caffeine junkie is more accurate.

Find ’em here!

Zmart Women’s Cotton Food Socks

The pinnacle of gag gifts. These outrageous socks allow you to wear your favorite foods. Raw beef, hamburger, donuts, hot dogs, or ice creams. The choice is entirely yours and it will be delicious.

Find ’em here!



When I was revising this article, I realized that there are many of these ideas that are perfectly suited as funny housewarming gifts. What kind of gifts are you looking for?


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