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Christmas Present Ideas For Tween Girls Aged 10-14

As kids grow older their taste change and they demand bigger, better things. But this doesn’t mean that you need to empty your bank account to fulfill their Christmas wishes.

Considering that tween girls can be little tricky to buy, we decided to compile a list with fun, cool, tween approved gift ideas at all price points that will help you choose the best gifts for your tween girls.

Christmas Presents Tween Girls Love

Let’s impress and wow your tween girls this year!

1. Disney Charm Bracelets

Tween girls are obsessed with charm bracelets. They love collecting them because they see it as a way to express themselves. This small and charming Disney bracelet will also be an excellent stocking stuffer for the tween girl.

2. I am a Rebel Girl: A Journal to Start Revolutions

A fun, catchy journal designed for girls of all ages to explore rebel spirits. This is a unique gift that inspires creativity, positivity, and fun.

3. Polaroid Pop Instant Camera

If your tween is crazy about photos and capturing every moment, she will definitely love this cute Polaroid instant camera. It comes in many colors and cases. This instant camera is our favorite tween girl Christmas gift.

4. Candy Craft Chocolate Pen

If your tween loves chocolate, and let’s be real, all tween girls do, then this Candy Craft Chocolate Pen is the perfect Christmas gift for her. It lets her draw and mold her very own chocolate treats.

5. Jetson Rogue Hoverboard

Hoverboard are what all tweens regarding of age and gender adore. This one is colorful with light-up wheels! Tween boys will love this too.

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6. Bath Bombs gift set

Colorful, girly, uniquely handcrafted bath bombs that your girl will simply adore. Infused with oils, they will both bring colors to bath time as well as relax and nurture your tween girl.

7. Unicorn portable charger

This is a unicorn gift for both the parents and their tween girls. On one hand, your girl has a modern, lovely portable charger that she can bring with her. On the other hand, you’re getting a solution for the “Sorry, my phone died!” excuses! See more unicorn-related gift ideas.

8. Mermaid Tail Blanket

It is that time of the year when tween girls are mostly at home, watching TV, being on their phone or computer. This mermaid gift for girls is a wool-knit blanket that will bring magic, coziness, warmth, and fun to everyday casual activities your tween girl does.

9. Mermaid sequin Tween-Girl-Size Boots

Fun and creative, these boots combine practicality and creativity! Your girl gets to combine her favorite boots with her mermaid obsession.

10. Pusheen Snackable Donut Plush

For those of you who don’t know, Pusheen is a famous cartoon character that tween girls love. Combined with donuts, this plush toy will bring joy to any tween girl!

11. View-Master Virtual Reality Starter Pack

Virtual reality is taking over the world like a storm. This one features a preview reel; furthermore can hold a smartphone in the viewer for 360-degree immersive experiences. Give your tween girl unique, futuristic experience!

12. 4M Crystal Growing Experiment

Let your tween girl explore the scientist in her through building seven different crystal growing experiments; She can even put them display once they are fully grown.

See this gift in action

13. Faux fur cat beanbag for tween girls who love cat

Fluffy, furry, fun beanbag that your tween will simply adore! It also comes in kitty, fox, bunny, and owl style.

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