best gifts for teenagers

Birthday Gifts for Teenage Girls

Teens are too cool for you. They are too cool for school. But, they are not too cool for gifts like these. Remind them how much ‘swagger ‘you have by getting them something that totally ‘lit’ and that will make them your BFF for life.

If that was too much slang for you and you can’t Keep up with the Kardashians, then just gift wrap one of these as a birthday present or a peace offering. After all, they will grow out of it, right?

best gift ideas for teenagers

Cool Gift Ideas for Young Teen Girls

GreenLighting Solar Phone Charger

Use the sun’s energy to charge any mobile phone.This charger is easy to travel with and can charge a phone battery from 0-40 % anywhere there’s sun. This way, your teen won’t ever have to be without a phone (the horror!).

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Sweet Treats Donut Microbead Pillow

This 16-inch pillow will add a pop of color and some fun to any bedroom or couch. One side has the pink doughnut and the other the chocolate one. Perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth.

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Heat Activated Constellation Mug

Hold constellations in your hands with this dynamic coffee mug. Explore the stars during daytime with guidelines that shows famous constellations such as Cassiopea, Taurus, Saggitarius, Hercules, Perseus, and Andromeda. The guidelines only show up when the mug is hot which is something that you should keep as surprise for the recipient!

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Narwhal Heated Footwarmers Slippers

Charge your slipper by plugging them into any laptop or device with a USB port. These one size fit all slippers are soft and will keep feet toasty in the coldest of weather.

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Ben and Jerry’s Euphori-Lock

Help them protect what’s most important with this brilliant combination lock protector. Complete with taunting note: “I’m terribly sorry, but there is no “u” in “my pint.”

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Piggy Paint Non Toxic Nail Polish

Your kid’s been begging you to let her use your nail polish but you’re just not crazy about her putting harsh toxins on herself? Say hello to Piggy Paint, the non-toxic, low odor, and eco-friendly nail polish perfect for kids.

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Hashtags Party Game

Bring together social media skills and quick thinking in this board game. Made for 4 or more players this game will have players in stitches with all the funny answers.

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Find it here!

Me? Sarcastic? NeverSweatshirt

This hoody is perfect for any moody teen (if only to make a point :)). It comes in black and grey and is made from high-quality material is machine friendly and comfy.

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Electric Scooter for Teens

Want to give your teenager the best gift ever? Say hello to Razor’s line of scaled-down, European-style electric scooters for kids. It can hold up to 170lbs., can go up to 15MPH, looks like the much-coveted Vespa and is easy to balance on – if you can ride a bike, you can ride this.

They also come in a variety of colors so you’ll find something that’s perfect for your teen!

Find Electric Scooter for Teens here!

Portal Bookends

These books ends allow for some time traveling fun. Made from metal these stands are 7 inches tall and will hold books nice and steady.

Find ’em here!

Cat Ear Headphones

These earphones allow for both private listening or turn on the speakers and get everyone involved. The cat ear LED lights are controlled independently, and there are several colors to choose from.

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Gigantic Pizza Beach Blanket

This 5×5 foot blanket is a replica of pizza…and who doesn’t love pizza? Made to be taken out onto the beach or throw over a bed it is lightweight and fun.

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Manicure and Pedicure 13-in-1 System

ThIs easy to use mini spa makes manicures and pedicure simple. There are nine tools with this set including a finger and toe soaking bath as well as a fan-driven nail dryer. This is simplicity at its finest.

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FujiFilm Instax Mini 8

This bright colored camera brings Polaroid cameras back in style. The camera helps take the perfect picture every time by recommending aperture and by using its built-in LED light.

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Best of Warner Bros 20 Film Collection

This collection of 20 timeless classics is a MUST HAVE for any film buff.

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Banksy Collection

Follow the career of one of the world’s most famous street artists. This is the ultimate compendium of all things Banksy.

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Ergonomic High-back Gaming Chair

Designed with a 360-degree swivel motion and comfort, this is the perfect gaming chair. It comes in four styles and is made from PU leather. This chair is also an excellent gift for teenage boys who like to spend time in front of the computer.

Find it here!

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