30th birthday gift ideas for best friend
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30th Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Best Friend

Featured image. Best Friend's 30th Birthday Gift Ideas. Wondering what to get for your bestie's 30th? Check out this article for inspiration.

30th Birthday Gifts: Ideas for Your Best Friend

For many of us, 30 years marks a very important time in our lives. For many others, it is just another fancy number. Whatever the case… when it is your best friend’s 30th birthday, they deserve to be reminded how special they are in your life.

The following list offers some awesome gift ideas for friends regardless of their gender. So you can have maximum inspiration!

  1. Video camera
  2. Drawing tablet
  3. Tea Box
  4. Gaming headset
  5. Recipe binder
  6. Soda maker
  7. Screwdriver set
  8. Fondue maker
  9. Japanese teapot
  10. GPS
  11. Mead kit
  12. Xbox Game Pass
  13. Vacuum bot
  14. Coffee
  15. Earphones

For adventurers and video makers

Video Camera

Go Pro


So your bestie loves to go on epic adventures. And they like to experience breathtaking moments. GoPro is the best way to capture it in video form at the highest quality. It’s professional-grade yet so easy to use. With this birthday gift, they will be able to immortalize their most intense and memorable moments.

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For someone who likes to draw

Drawing Tablet


Wacom tablet

If your friend is artistically-inclined, this would be an exceptional birthday gift for their big 30. With a Wacom tablet, your friend can draw precise lines and colors on any digital drawing.

It can be used for:-

  • creating concept art
  • album cover art
  • architectural drafts
  • you name it!

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For tea lovers

Tea Box

Taylors of Harrogate

Tea set

Is your bestie a tea lover? Look no further than this amazing assortment of tea flavors. Taylors of Harrogate are family-owned in the UK and their tea is world-class quality. With so many different flavors to choose from, it will keep your friend steeped in tea for a long while!

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For Gamers

Gaming Headset


Gaming headset

It is noise-canceling and compatible with PC. It also works for PS4 and Xbox One. This gaming headset also works great as a studio headset. It’s very versatile.

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For someone who likes to cook

Recipe Binder

Recipe binder

This binder is perfect if they love to hoard new recipes. It doesn’t matter if your friend is a passionate partaker of the culinary sciences… or a casual cook… or if they like to collect recipes for fun.

It offers a neat, fun, and handy way to keep their favorite recipes stored all in one place. Their favorite recipes will never go missing again.

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For carbonated drinks lovers

SodaStream Sparkling Water Maker



Nearly everyone has heard of SodaStream. And it’s not hard to see why. SodaStream’s machines make it easy to make carbonated beverages at home. They are very easy to use and install. Need some ideas? Here are some drinks to carbonate:

  • Water
  • Fruit juices
  • Vegetable juices
  • Coffee!
  • Milk (warning, it may not suit your taste)

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Screwdriver Set

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Screwdriver set

A screwdriver set is a necessity. Especially if your friend is a homeowner or has their own place.

It also comes in handy when your bestie has some gadgets they need to repair. A more specific scenario is they are building their own PC. This gift will save them the hassle of having to rummage around to find the tools needed.

The set comes with several different tools, a multitool, and a portable bag, to boot.

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For fondue lovers

Electric Fondue Maker


Cuisinart Fondue Maker

Does your best friend have a fondness for fondue? With this fondue maker, they can have their own fondue session anyway they want. Chocolate. Cheese. Broth. Sweet. Savory. Dessert. Meat. Vegan. All at the comfort of their own home.

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For tea lovers

Japanese Teapot


Pastel tea pot

Tea fanatics will adore this Japanese-style kettle. It comes in a few different colors. The kettle is cast iron with an enameled interior. Decorative and functional. Your friend can make their tea in a kettle worthy of it!

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For road trip




I know what you’re thinking. Smartphone already has that feature. But this idea is not for everybody. In fact, it is only great for people who are frequent road trippers. Why? Because charging and re-charging your phone is the best way to ruin the battery life. Also, a GPS system like Garmin offers state-of-the-art navigation direction. Something Google Maps hasn’t quite caught up.

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For the crafty alcoholic friend

Mead Making Kit

Shepherd Made

Make mead at home

If your best friend is alcoholic and crafty, this kit is sure to please them. Bonus point if your friend likes to play Skyrim (the video game)… Chances are they are intrigued by the mead found throughout the game. This is a mead making kit. It provides all you need to start making your own mead at home. The only thing it needs that it doesn’t have is a drinking horn!

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For Xbox users

Xbox Game Pass


Game pass for Xbox

Gaming is popular for people of all ages. So it is likely that your bestie is a gamer. And if they are a particular breed of gamer – namely Xbox users, they will love this gift… The Xbox Game Pass. With this pass, your friend can play over 100 Xbox and PC games — single-player and multiplayer.

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For your bestie who’s too busy to vacuum

Roomba i7+ Vacuum Bot


iRobot vacuum bot Roomba

Does your bestie have to deal with cleaning their carpet and floor a lot? Then this Roomba design is a powerful if rather pricey gift that they are sure to love! These little guys have come quite a long way over the years.

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For coffee addicts

Black Medium Roast Coffee (K Cups)

Black Rifle Coffee Company

K cup

If your bestie is a coffee lover, they deserve the best. This 12 pack of BRC coffee is some of the greatest in North America. It is enough to tide them over for a few good mornings. And they will be glad that you introduced them to such a badass brand of coffee!

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For Apple users

Apple Airpods


Apple Airpods

Apple always outdoes themselves with their technology. If your best friend is an ardent Apple fan or even just casually owns an Apple device… the AirPods can give upon them a wonderful hands-free musical experience!

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The Gift of Friendship

Even if none of these ideas fit your needs, I hope they have provided you some inspiration. With the right gift, you can make your best friend’s 30th their best birthday ever. Good luck—you’ll do great!

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