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Funny Housewarming Gifts

Funny housewarming gifts include joke items, tacky pictures, or just outright crap.

And whereas that might be good for a quick laugh…that’s about all they’re good for.

We think the best-est, funniest housewarming gifts are stuff that people actually need and want. You know, the perfect balance of useful + funny.

Here are our top 10 picks for funny – yet useful – housewarming gifts for people with a sense of humor.

funny housewarming gag gifts

10 Funny Housewarming Gift Ideas that Will Make You Laugh

1. Oh Shit Not You Again Doormat

By far, the most honest doormat we’ve come across.


2. Superhero Throw Blankets with Sleeves

A comfy – and hilarious – housewarming gift.
Perfect for sick days or any day you want to feel invincible.

Prefer Superman?


Or maybe you want something more…feminine.

Wonder Woman is the priciest of the three.

3. F U, Penguin

Adorably hilarious coffee-table book, perfect as a housewarming gift for anyone who likes:

1. Pictures of cute animals.

2. Laughing.

So, pretty much everyone.

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4. Boyfriend Pillow

Who needs a boyfriend when you’ve got a boyfriend pillow? Whether the housewarming host(ess) has a boyfriend or not – they’ll appreciate the comfy awesome-ness of this pillow.


5. Cards Against Humanity

This is a wickedly hilarious game for adults – like Apples to Apples but actually FUN.

Possible the funniest game out there.


6. BUTT/FACE Towels

Ever wish you could just stop wiping your FACE with the BUTT towel? This is a distinction we should all make – but hey, who has the time to keep track of which towel wiped what?

Help your friends out with these handy little towels.


Like these? Why not get them the BUTT/FACE soaps too?


Actually, why not spring for the whole set and get the FACE/ASS sponge?

7. Wine Decor + Wine

What’s the classic housewarming gift? Yup, a bottle of wine. Take it up a notch by pairing it with cute wine decor.


8. Ben and Jerry’s Euphori-Lock

Help your new homeowners protect their ice cream from one another with this combination lock protector.

Complete with taunting note: “I’m terribly sorry, but there is no “u” in “my pint.”


9. From the Big House to Your House Prison Cookbook

‘Though the title is a tad menacing, this is an awesome housewarming gift for those with a sense of humor and little-to-no cooking skills.

Written by Martha Stuart during her sentence six imprisoned women in Texas, the book’s full of easy-to-prepare recipes for meals, snacks and desserts that can be made from very basic (like those you can get in prison) items.


10. Roast My Weenie (among other things) Roasting Sticks

No BBQ is complete without a roasting weenie and boobs.

Give your hosts the gifts of phallic fun with this stainless steel set of hot dog and marshmallow roasting sticks.

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