5 Housewarming Party Ideas for Apartments

Because housewarming is the perfect excuse for friends and family to get together

Whether you’re renting or buying, moving to a new apartment is always an exciting experience that will be memorable for many years to come. And once you have settled into your new apartment, it’s time to consider throwing an apartment housewarming party. Since you have a small space, those of you who are more social will probably want to organize several apartment warming parties to cater to everybody.

Having friends and family coming over to our new space for a celebration can be fun but some of us don’t particularly enjoy organizing a party. In this article, you will find some simple party ideas that require very little effort from you. These ideas are perfect for smaller apartments, so if you have a humble studio or a one-bedroom, you will find them tailored to your needs. And of course, they also work for a bigger space

Easy apartment warming ideas for close friends and family

Party ideas for small apartments that require little effort. Organize a fun and intimate party that is perfect for small spaces

1. Pizza Appreciation Party – because everybody likes pizzas and if your friends hate pizzas, why are you still friends anyway?

Probably my favorite idea on this list. Just order a bunch of different pizzas! No, not frozen pizza.

Pizza delivery is a good place to start. You don’t even need to step out of your house, so you have more time to organize your apartment before your first guest arrives.

You will want to make sure that you order enough pizzas for everybody. A pizza party that doesn’t have enough pizza is just depressing.

Don’t forget the sides and dessert! Some wings would be nice. Perhaps ice cream for dessert.

Soft drinks are OK, but some booze definitely helps get the party going. Beer goes really well with pizza. Some people prefer wine, some are whisky lovers. Beer is probably the more economical choice among the list.

2. Apartment Warming Communal Style – Potluck

A potluck is a social gathering where every participant contributes a dish of food.

Unless you’re organizing a potluck for close friends and family, you probably shouldn’t expect a housewarming gift from this type of gathering.

For this idea, make sure you have enough table space for the food that your guests will be bringing over. For really small apartments, make use of all surfaces available:- kitchen countertop, coffee table, and dining table.

Don’t forget to contribute your own dish! You’re not exempted even though you’re the host. To avoid this from becoming another pizza party (which happens when everybody decides to bring pizza), communicate with everyone a few days before the party. In the past, I have been to a few potluck parties where booze is considered an acceptable contribution.

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3. Movie Night

Booze-fueled movie night.

For this idea, you and your guests will either eat out together or separately. The guests are invited to your house for snacks, booze, and the movie only.

Announce your choice of movie in the invitation. Watch one movie or have a marathon, for example, Lord of the Rings trilogy marathon, Harry Potter marathon (that’s six movies though!), and Star Wars marathon.

Personally, I love comedy movies, but just so you know if you’re doing a comedy night, you may be getting some funny gifts from the guests.

4. Sunday Afternoon Tea

Break out from the mold of a typical apartment warming party, invite your friends and relatives for quiet Sunday afternoon tea instead.

Brew your best tea or coffee, serve them in the best drinkware you can find in your apartment.

If you’re an adept baker, make your own baked goods for the guests to enjoy. Some ideas are cookies, pies, cakes, and artisan bread. The guests will love the texture, taste, and aroma of these freshly-made baked goods!

However, if baking is not your forte, as is the case for most of us, you can always buy some snacks from the neighborhood bakery. Krispy Kreme donuts are excellent afternoon tea snacks!

5. Cozy Breakfast

Enjoy an intimate and cozy breakfast with the people you care about.

For this idea to work, first find out if your pals are morning people. If not, make it brunch instead.

Similar to the previous ideas, you can always buy or order delivery, but I do recommend that you cook some very simple breakfast for the guests. Simple, homemade, and filling breakfast.

Let’s start off with beverages, coffee or tea — home brewed only, none of that instant powdery stuff. Milk and fruit juice. Some store-bought baked goods: pastries, croissants, or you can make toasts. Egg: sunny side up or scrambled, salt and pepper to season. Baked beans. Last but not least, some quality Italian sausage or German wurst — pan fried. You can also prepare some simple salad to help balance the breakfast in terms of nutrition.


Housewarming is as much about celebrating a new residence as bringing friends and family together.

The last thing you want to do is exhaust and over-stress yourself for an event that is supposed to be fun and energizing.

In this article, we shared several simple and unique party ideas that require a low level of effort from the organizer (you!). Hopefully, you managed to find some inspiration from these ideas.

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