13 Fun, Cheap Date Ideas – Couples Should Try

It’s always nice to go on a date with your significant other. But sometimes, lack of financial resources may be the reason why some dates don’t seem to push through. Today, we live in a world where we can update people and see updates from other people’s lives through social media. This just brings the pressure up a notch for you to live an Instagram-worthy life – romantic dates with your partner included. But who says that date night can’t be cheap? Why break the bank for some quality time with your partner? Here are some cheap date ideas you can do.

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80 Fun Cheap Date Ideas

5 Super Fun Cheap Fall Date Ideas You Should Try

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1. Netflix and chill

What are the memes for if you’re not going to do it in real life? There’s nothing more relaxing than to watch your favorite Netflix movie or series with your date. You don’t have to waste a couple of bucks so that you can watch a movie. Try out new genres. You can also try watching interesting documentaries and analyze it after. You’ll never run out of possible shows to watch with Netflix.

2. Go to the gym

Say your partner is a member of your local gym, or maybe you’re both members of the same gym. Why not work out together? Not only that you’re supporting each other to live healthily, but you can also make it as a part of your routine to go to the gym together. This way, you have someone to drag you out of the couch during your lazy days. Don’t forget that your date can also be your source of motivation, too. Now, you’re a lot more confident trying out new exercises and handling gym equipment more than ever.

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3. Watch the sunset or sunrise

This may seem cliché, but it’s one of the most romantic things that you can do. Seeing the sunset or rise has always been a fantastic view. Nothing beats sitting beside your date while observing how the skies change its colors.

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4. Take a long walk in your neighborhood

You don’t have to be still in high school for you to be walked back home by your boyfriend! It does not only happen in movies, and you don’t have to have the high school crush thing going on. Long walks back home or towards your destination will always be a bonding moment for both of you. Take time to ask your boyfriend how his day went, or what his plans are for the week.

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5. Visit a museum

Whether it’s a museum for natural history or art, you know that you’re both going to learn a lot from visiting a museum. Usually, admissions are free. Just check the schedule online. You can also check if the museum conducts free walking tours. In this way, it’s like you’re going on a field trip!

6. Window shop at a furniture store

Who says that you have to buy something when you enter a furniture store? Chances are, the majority of everyone inside the store are just looking around. So why not turn it to a date? If you’re comfortable enough to plan your future with your partner, then it would be a romantic gesture to play pretend of how you’re going to arrange your future house.

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7. Go on a happy hour

The thing about the bars’ happy hours is that it’s cheap. If you’re both down to do it, look for a bar that’s offering a good deal. Order some drinks, sides, and chat the night away!

8. Play video games

If both you and your boyfriend is a gamer, you can try switching games. It’s always fun to beat out your boyfriend with his favorite game. Make him try out your favorite game, too! Who cares if that’s a girly simulation game or a thriller one? This can be quite advantageous to your relationship too, as you would understand the next time why he’s not replying because he’s so focused on his game. Now, you know why.

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9. Find a free class and take it together

May it be a cooking or painting class, if it’s free or comes with a very low price, then go for it! Not only that it’s free, but you’ll also get to learn something with your partner!

10. Volunteer together

Maybe it’s not both of your things, or maybe it is. Whatever it may be, look for a cause that you both support and sign up for it. It’s always a nice feeling to be able to help out. However, you don’t have to do it alone as you can treat it as a bonding time between you and your boyfriend.

11. Make pizza at home

Nothing beats delicious pizza other than if it’s homemade. Who doesn’t love pizza? It may take some time to make your pizza at home, but with the help of your partner, it’s guaranteed to be a fun experience. Maybe you can even turn this to a pizza cooking contest and see who’s the better cook.

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12. Go on a breakfast date

If you’re the kind of couple who always eat together during lunch or dinner, why not try going on a breakfast date? Not only that it’s the most important meal of the day, but usually it’s also the most inexpensive. If your boyfriend is a late riser, you’d also know how much effort he put in for your date so that he can be with you early for your date.

13. Go to an animal shelter

Maybe you’re not planning on having kids yet. But have you ever thought about getting a pet? Whether you would want to have a pet or not, going to an animal shelter to visit the animals is always a good (and free!) thing to do. The animals need your love and company, too! Who knows, you might just fall in love with one of the animals in the shelter and bring them home.
See? Going on a date doesn’t have to be expensive! You just have to be with your partner, and that’s all that matters.

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