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30th Birthday Gift Ideas for Sisters

Sisters. You grew up with them, just like you did with pimples. And just like pimples you either come to accept them, or you try and get them out of your face.

Anyway, sisters are genetically almost “you” and as scary as that maybe you don’t want to give them a gift that shouts “You are the runt, and so you get boring gifts.”

30th Birthday Gifts Your Sister Actually Loves

You are better than that; you are the super- sibling. So, get them something good. Something that they will be thankful for and will have you in your parents’ good books. After all, you are their favorite.

Unicorn Pajamas

This comfortable and easy to wear onesie can act as a costume or as a pair of pajamas. There are three choices of colors, and the style is elegant while still fun.

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Desk Lamp with Multi-Colored Night Light

This LED desk lamp has three brightness settings not including the night light feature which comes in the full-color spectrum. Touchpad controls the light, making it button free.

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Rainbow Backlit Wired Gaming Keyboard and Mouse

This backlit keyboard and mouse are ideal for gamers or girls that want a little extra something. It is Compatible with Windows 2000 / 2003 / XP / Vista / Win7 / Win8 /Win10/Mac OS.

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Ben and Jerry’s Euphori-Lock

Help your sister keep her ice cream safe from marauders and barbarians with this combination lock ice cream protector. Complete with taunting note: “I’m terribly sorry, but there is no “u” in “my pint.”

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Sister Gift Ideas for 30th Birthday

Organic Dry Shampoo

Here’s the one thing that a lot of women just cannot live without: dry shampoo. It seems like such a frivolous, pointless invention but on those days when you can really use the extra 15 minutes of sleep, have back to back meetings or are just too hungover to shower before brunch…dry shampoo is the often unsung hero of your day.

So if your friend doesn’t already have a trusty bottle – trust us, she’ll appreciate it. Especially since this one’s 100% organic and free of any ingredients that may irritate her scalp.

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Face Paint: The Story of Makeup Hardcover

Trace the history and importance of makeup with this best seller. FacePaint is a great gift for anyone with an interest in makeup or women’s history.

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Knitted Mermaid Blanket Tail

This fresh take on the sleeping bag is made from 100 % polyester making it warm and cosy. Lounge around on the couch in one of the many colored mermaid tails you can buy.

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Mildew Resistant Shower Curtains

This shower curtain comes with 12 plastic hooks ensuring no rust. Easy to clean and fun to look at this is a great splash of color for any bathroom.

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Heavenly Tea Leaves 9 Count Tea Sampler

Stocked with nine bestselling teas this assortment is what tea lovers dream of. Each can make 10 cups of tea and all are packaged in an eco-friendly box.

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Work It Out Water Bottle

This funky water bottle holds 24 ounces and is perfect to take to the gym or school. Made from acrylic this bottle is durable and will keep the drinks cold.

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Lemongrass Eucalyptus Spa Basket

Bring the spa to your sister with this lemongrass and eucalyptus infused product. The basket adds a rustic flair to the arrangement and all in all it is relaxation at its best.

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World’s Okayest Sister Hoodie

This half cotton hoodie is funny and comfortable at the same time. The printing is high quality and is made to keep the wearer warm.

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Air Plant Terrarium Glass Teardrop Globe

This complete terrarium kit comes with all you need to have and known about terrariums. The glass shape is elegant, and air plants are easy to care for.

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16″x20″ Unique Collage Photo Display

This frame allows for easy and fun photo display. No assembly is needed and the fits up to 10 (4’’ x 6’’ pictures). Get ready to display those memories.

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FujiFilm Instax Mini 8

This bright colored camera brings Polaroid cameras back in style. The camera helps take the perfect picture every time by recommending aperture and by using its built-in LED light.

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Sky Chair Cushioned Hanging Hammock

This hanging chair is vibrant and can hold 270lbs. With hanging ropes and cushioned insides this is perfect for outside or inside chilling.

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Laptop Shoulder Bag

This top loading laptop bag is stylish and functional. There are four colors to choose from and they come with an adjustable shoulder strap. This is an excellent way to protect your laptop.

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