star wars gifts for men

Top 10 Star Wars Gifts for Men

Looking for the perfect Star Wars gifts for a man who has a birthday coming up? Are you in love with someone who’s in love with Star Wars? Either way, we’ve got the best Star Wars gifts for you.

star wars gifts for men

Even if you can’t tell the difference between a Jedi knight and an orthodox monk, don’t fret – here are top 10 star wars gifts for men that will delight any Star Wars lover – even yours.

Star Wars Gift #1. Death Star Silicone Ice Tray

What is the one thing that the Star Wars fan in your life is missing?

If you guessed “A GIANT Death Star-shaped Ice Cube” – you guessed right.

This is a Death Star-shaped Silicone Ice Tray that will make ONE gigantic ice cube to dominate any and all of your lucky Star Wars fanman’s drinks.

Like this:

Doesn’t get manlier than that.

Get it now.

Star Wars Gift #2. The Jedi Path

Published to rave reviews everywhere – this book is a must-have for any Star Wars fan worth his weight in Serrian salt.

It’s more than nice little coffee-table book (although we love those too!) – it’s packed full of information about the Jedis and their philosophies, as well as detailed information on various Star Wars characters.

Check price

Star Wars Gift #3. Star Wars Chop Sabers

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a man in possession of a good appetite must be in want of a pair of chop sabers.

Get yours these lovely lightsaber chopsticks today – they come in Luke Skywalker blue, Yoga green, and a variety of other colors characters.

Buy it now!

Star Wars Gift  #4 & 5. Star Wars iPhone Cases + R2D2 iPad Cover

If your Star Wars lover also loves iPhones, check out this collection of Star Wars-themed iPhone covers from POWER A. They come in 4 different styles are sold separately.

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From left to right, with clickable links attached:

Pair it with an awesome R2D2 iPad case…

…more details.

Star Wars Gift #6. Princess Leia M&M Dispenser

There isn’t a Star Wars-lovin’ man who hasn’t fantasized about Princess Leia – yes, even your boyfriend. We don’t care what he claims to the contrary.

After all, she was to Star Wars fans what Lady Jaye was to G.I. Joe addicts,  what April is to TMNT fans, and what Hermione Granger will be for Harry Potter fans.

What’s cooler than getting a sweet (literally and figuratively) gift of his first fantasy from his latest very real crush?

Get it here.

Star Wars Gift #7. Star Wars Jedi 100% Cotton Bathrobe

This is a badass 100% cotton, super comfy robe for your Jedi knight. Have you seen that hood?

Sexy.  It’s also uni-sex and should comfortably fit most adults.

Get it

Star Wars Gift #8. Star Wars Glowing Lightsaber Ice Pop Maker

What could possibly be cooler than a lightsaber ice pop?
One that GLOWS.

Seriously, this is the trifecta of awesomeness. It’s an ice pop. It’s a lightsaber. It GLOWS.

Actually, it’s not an ice pop – it’s an ice pop MAKER so the gift just keeps on giving. Frickin’ fantastic gift for a Star Wars fan anyone.

Where to get it.

Could it possibly ever get better than this…?

Star Wars Gift #9. Princess Leia Costume

Yes, it could. If the Star Wars gift is for your boyfriend, the Princess Leia outfit would be the perfect cherry on top of the perfect Star Wars gift. Of course, the Princess Leia would have to be worn by you to make it the best Star Wars gift ever received.

Warning: his head might pop.

Become Princess Leia now (for a Medium – prices vary slightly by size).

Star Wars Gift #10. Imperial Empire Cufflinks

Spruce up your man’s wardrobe with some bling.

These Rhodium-plated cufflinks bear the unmistakable insignia of the Imperial Empire – which he can wear with pride to any formal event.

Get ’em now

They also come in Rebel Alliance, Death Star, R2D2, and oh, so many more.

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