Welcome to Top10Gifts

Hello there! Welcome to Top10Gifts.Org. Established in 2013, we are a boutique blog dedicated to providing gift ideas to people like you; someone who is searching for the perfect gift for people they care about for a special occasion.

We know that finding a gift can sometimes be very challenging. We have been there ourselves. Especially in the internet era, you can virtually find anything and everything in online stores like Amazon, Walmart, and eBay. This makes the decision a lot harder because there are just so many products to choose from.

Our approach is to limit the number of possibilities down to a reasonable figure. In other words, we are curators of gift ideas. We scan through the web manually looking for the perfect housewarming gifts for your friend, or Christmas gifts for your wife. Of course, despite our effort to ensure that the gift selection is good, what we find will not always meet your requirements. What we hope to achieve, however, is that you get some kind of inspiration, some vague shape of the ideal gift that you’re going to get at the end of our gift guide.

To date, we have produced close to 100 gift guides. We have experimented with the wildest gift idea topics (e.g. poop gifts). Some of which fares better than others. And frankly, some of them are so unique (another word for weird) that they haven’t yet found the right audience.

In June 2018, we cleaned up our website that is now close to half a decade old, removing half of the content in the process. We will be consolidating our efforts and focus on just a few categories that we do best. These categories are housewarming gifts, geek gifts (Harry Potter gift ideas), and funny gag gifts.

We hope that this reorganization will allow us to better serve you.

Top10Gifts Team