20 Naughty Gift Ideas For Women & Men

Christmas guide for the lovers: naughty and sexy gifts to spice up your holidays. Impress your significant other with something sexy, naughty or bad this winter. Heat things up, create romantic moments and make your love life more exciting. These gifts are also suitable for birthday, Valentine’s Day and any other special occasion.

Scroll down to discover 20 steamy gifts for him and for her.

Naughty and Sexy Gift Ideas

1. Banana Wine Bottle Stopper

Let’s start our list of with this little cheeky banana guy. It is lifting up its banana skin, revealing the massive appendage. Made of rock-hard plastic, this little fellow will plug the neck of any wine bottle to keep them fresh longer.

Banana Wine Bottle Stopper. Naughty gifts for him Christmas, birthday, Valentines Day.

2. Willy Warmer

Something thoughtful for your man this winter. Keep him warm and never freezes his you-know-what off. A knitted drawstring “sock” that fits all sizes. This is a silly willy idea for him.

The Willy Warmer. Naughty gifts for him. Sexy gifts for men.

3. Drinkware

3a.  I Love to Wrap Both My Hands Naughty Wine Glass

For the women (and men who swing that way) — an interesting wine glass with a funny statement. Reads “I love to wrap both my hands around it and swallow”. 13-ounce capacity, good quality, sturdy. It will definitely make her laugh!

I Love to Wrap Both My Hands Naughty Wine Glass. Naughty gifts for women. Sexy gifts for bride.

3b. Let’s Netflix ‘n Chill Mug

Suggest some entertaining activities to do tonight. Let’s watch a romance movie together and let it continues…

Let's Netflix 'n Chill Mug

4. Position of the Day: Sex Every Day in Every Way

An awesome book to inspire the beginners, the adventurers and the acrobatically challenged. There is a popular saying “a position a day keeps the love doctor away”. Learn from this hilarious compendium filled with 366 of the very best passionate scenarios. Yes, that’s 366 – one for each day plus a little something for a special day.

Position of the Day. Sex Every Day in Every Way (Naughty gifts for men and women)

5. Best Cock Ever Apron

A bright yellow apron for the guys who love to grill and cook. Featuring eye-catching statement that reads “Best Cock Ever”, oops… I mean Best Cook Ever. Hilarious and naughty. Definitely going to make him laugh.

Best Cock Ever Apron. Naughty gifts for him. Sexy gifts for him.

6. Loopy Grown Up Board Game 

A notty board game for couples. When life gets board, take this out to play. It contains 200 playing cards with an unusual playing method. Features provoking questions and creative tasks that allow you to discover the soul and the body of your partner like during the first time. Heat things up and let both of you learn, laugh, and love each other as your clothes start coming off.

Loopy Grown Up Board Game. Naughty gifts for husband and wife #sexy

7. Dirty Dice Adult Game

Let the good times roll with this set of two pink dice. Roll the dice to enjoy a great variety of playfulness. Kiss, squeeze, blow or other hot actions? With every throw of the dice comes an unpredictable steamy adventure. A naughty dice game loved by both men and women.

Dirty Dice Adult Game. Naughty gifts for women.

7b. Upscale Adult Dice Set

Need more options to roll into more wonderlands? Why not try these dice to warm you up with 60 different actions. Keep rolling to keep the couples games fun going.

It comes with an explanatory booklet in case you need a guide.

Upscale Sex Dice

8. Ring for Romance Bell

Set of two magical bells to bring you lots of loves and pleasures. Ring it to let your lover knows what mood you are in. “Ding-a-ling”, “Ding-a-ling”, and there comes the happiness.

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Ring for Romance Bell. Naughty gifts for men and women.

9. Pink Handcuffs

Naughty gift for her — a pair of handcuffs in lovely pink. It is well made, solid and sturdy. Fill the bedroom with creativity, let your imagination runs wild and ignite the fire for endless actions.

Pink Handcuffs. Naughty gifts for her. Sexy gifts for women.

10. I love you Lettering Tag Key Chain

Confess to your man, tell him how much you love him. This metal keychain is engraved with a dirty message that speaks the truth. It is a little crazy but hey, you are being honest. By presenting this little present, you will conquer his heart and also his body. *wink wink*

I love you Lettering Tag Key Chain (Naughty gifts for men)

11. Sex Guide: 10X Your Sex Life 

Another good book to prepare yourself for an amazing experience mentally, physically and emotionally. Includes two manuscripts, one from the women’s perspective and one from the male’s perspective.This book digs into the underlying emotional foundations and provides you with the best information available. Guide you to understand each other better and please your partner better.

Sex Guide. 10X Your Sex Life (Naughty gifts for men husband)

12. Custom Property Of Underwear

Customized undergarment for women. Declare your ownership by printing your name on it. This undie is made of a soft cotton blend. It is comfy and fun to wear.

Custom Property Of Underwear (Naughty gifts for women wife girlfriend)

13. Candy Cane Novelty Stud Undies

Sexy gift for him this Christmas. Featuring huge candy cane that is sure to bring on the holiday cheer. It asks “wanna lick my stick?”. Hilarious little pressie to bring on an unforgettable, romantic Christmas night.

Candy Cane Novelty Stud Undies. Naughty Christmas gifts for him.

14. Lucky Challenge Flip Coin

A medallion that serves as a guide for the decision in matters of love… or lust. Helps couples to make an important decision in the bedroom. This coin has beautiful raised artwork with antique brass finish. Toss the coin, let fate take charge and lead the way to good times.

Lucky Challenge Flip Coin. Naughty gifts for him.

15. Sexy Truth or Dare: Pick-A-Stick

A popular game for those who are looking for some steamy actions. Includes 50 sticks featuring 100 “high-voltage” actions. Pull out the stick one at a time to reveal a sexy truth on one side and a dirty dare on the other. Inspire passion-filled nights, boost a couple’s love life. This is a naughty gift loved by both men and women.

Sexy Truth or Dare: Pick-A-Stick (Naughty gifts for men and women)

16. Love Checkbook

An invaluable checkbook for your significant other. 60 checks to buy him/ her unforgettable moments. The checkbook contains exciting ideas to take both of you to wild adventures. Cash them in to spice up your relationship.

Sex Checks. 60 Checks for Maintaining Balance in the Bedroom (Naughty gifts for men and women)

17. Liberator Bonbon Adult Toy Mount

Intimate positioning pillow to bring a better support, greater access and higher level of satisfaction in the bedroom. Made of high-density foam, supportive cushioning and moisture-proof inner liner. It is an amazing pillow to bring your love life to the next stage.

Liberator Bonbon Adult Toy Mount (Naughty gifts for women)

18. The TeaBagger Tea Infuser

Make your favorite tea out of a man’s sack. Steep the squishy sack with tea into the hot water to make extra “flavorful” tea. Made from 100% food grade silicone and stainless steel chain with a hook. Soak balls, drink tea and enjoy your day.

The TeaBagger Tea Infuser (Naughty gifts for him and for her)

19. Edible Chocolate Body Pens 

Edible dark and milk chocolate body pens. Decorate your lover and transform his/ her body into a wonderland. No mess, just squeeze and play.

Edible Chocolate Body Pens- Naughty gifts for men and women

20. Fortune Cookies: Inappropriate Edition

A box of fortune cookies containing witty and naughty messages inside. It comes in a black box stating NSFW, meaning not safe for work. Vanilla flavored, adult-only fortune cookies. Makes a nice sexy gift for men and women.

Fortune Cookies: Inappropriate Edition (Naughty gifts for men and women)

Get these sexy gifts today and have a romantic, fun-filled night with your partner. Thanks for reading!

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