Naughty Bachelorette Gift Ideas

Throw an awesome bridal shower, celebrate with lots of fun with the bride-to-be. We don’t care if the bride is a good girl or a bad girl, she got to have extra spice in her soon married life. Here are 16 sexy and naughty gifts perfect for any bachelorette party. These bridal shower gifts are really creative and fun. They are going to be a big hit in the coming bachelorette party!

Scroll down to discover 16 naughty bachelorette party gift ideas now!

Bachelorette Party Gift Ideas


Bachelorette Party Naughty Gift Ideas for the Bride-to-be

1. Naughty Cookie Cutter

For creative baking projects. These cookie cutters allow her to bake different sizes of willies. Let’s munch off the wood and have a good laugh.

Naughty Cookie Cutter Penis Cookie Cutter

2. Same Penis Forever Top 

Yea, she is into a life-long contract. From now on, she has to stick to the same “joystick” forever.

Same Penis Forever Bachelorette Tank Top 

3. LALAVAVA Lace Robe

Something with lace is one of the most popular gifts for the bride. This beautiful white robe will make the groom can’t take his eyes off the bride all throughout the honeymoon.


4. You May Now Bang The Bride Underwear 

This cute undie is an amazing bachelorette party gift.

The Bride Underwear 

5. Same Penis Forever Funny Wedding Mug

It is like a dream come true for her and we know she will live with the same penis forever. LOL.

Same Penis Forever Funny Wedding Mug

6. Black Lingerie Apron  

A practical piece for the culinary lover. This apron has a bold design to make the wearer looks extra sexy.

bachelorette gift for the bride

7. Naughty Pigs Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

Naughty piggies caught in action. They will definitely make the bride laugh.

naughty pigs naughty gifts

8. Great Sex Coupons

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Love coupons to create unforgettable moments. The ideas inside are fun and exciting. One of the greatest naughty gifts you can get under $10.

Love Coupon Book

9. LuLu 8+ Wand

A compact, waterproof therapeutic personal massager with seven magical modes to bring in excitement to the bedroom.

LuLu 8+ Wand Personal Massager

10. Earthly Body Edible Massage Oil 

French vanilla massage oil for the lovers. It glides on well and tastes good.

Earthly Body Edible Massage Oil 

11. Coquette Ruffled Rhumba Booty Short

This sweet ruffled shorts in black will make her looks amazingly flirty. It is made of soft fabric. Comfortable to wear, fun to watch. Also available in pink, blue, red, white and purple.

Ruffled booty shorts

12. Dreamgirl Sheer Thigh High Socks

Another lacey item you can get for her bridal shower. Cute thigh high socks with lace and bow design.

Thigh high socks bachelorette gift

13. Seven Til Midnight Victorian Lace Bustier

Another nice piece of nightwear to make her looks hot and attractive. This bustier looks sweet and classy. We love the lovely lace details.

Seven Til Midnight Women's Victorian Lace Bustier

14. The Sexy Little Book of Sex Games

Give the bride a helpful little guide filled with ideas for spicing things up in the bedroom. She will enjoy exploring the mind-blowing ideas written inside.

The Sexy Little Book of Sex Games

15. Sexy Nurse Lingerie 

We heard somebody has lovesick. The nurse is here to care for her patient.

Sexy Nurse Lingerie

16. Kama Sutra Ignite Massage Candle 

For the lovebirds to have a warm and exotic night. This candle is made with rich skin-conditioning ingredients that melt into luxurious massage oil when lit.

Kama Sutra Ignite Massage Candle

That’s the 16 naughty bachelorette party gifts for the bride-to-be. These ideas are going to make all the girls thrilled when the bride unwrap the gifts. Have fun!


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