Naughty Christmas Gift Ideas for Him [2019]

Spice things up between you and your partner this Christmas with a naughty Christmas gift.

Let’s jump right in.

Naughty Christmas Gift Ideas

Naughty Christmas Gifts for Him

Here are some naughty and fun gift ideas for couples who want to heat things up during the cold Christmas season.

Pleasure Coupons
Ten naughty coupons to spice things up between you and your partner. Every coupon entitles your partner to claim a certain… favor from you.

Durable apron perfect for cooking and grilling. It says best c*ck cook ever on the apron.

Men love receiving undergarments as Christmas gifts from their partner. This pair of funny boxers is cute and funny at the same time.

Eight erotic keychains each depicting a man and a woman having a go at it in various positions. These keychains contain movable parts that allow them to move back and forth.

Coffee Mug

Coffee mugs can be naughty too! This mug provides you a way to subtly hint at what’s going to happen later — Netflix ‘n Chill *wink *wink.

1000 Games
1000 spicy and hot card game, dice game, and board game in one.

Emergency Underpants
A funny gift that is practical — emergency underpants for emergency situations.

Persuade your partner to go to bed early with you with the help of this structured form. Simply choose from the pad the reason why and when then hand it to her. 60 pages in one pad.


First t-shirt we have here is made to artificially boost a guy’s ego. How? By praising his endurance and endowment, of course.

If you think praising a guy’s manhood lacks humor, you can fix it with this t-shirt instead. It says “don’t sweat the small stuff” with an arrow pointing south. You may want to avoid this gift for a man who is borderline insecure though. Great for someone who is confident and can take a joke.

If you’re looking for a naughty t-shirt for girls, this beaver tee will satisfy your need.

An actual soap that is in the shape of a donut. Wash your member effectively and in style with the help of this self-proclaimed famous soap from “Uncle Richard”.

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Squeeze Ball
Release stress and practice your skill with this squeeze ball.

Aphroditea’s tea is an organic sencha green tea with rose petals.

Tea Infuser
For tea lovers, a reusable tea infuser that is in the shape of a certain kind of sack.

Truth or Dare
Every stick represents either truth or date — and they’re all naughty.

Undies for Two
Funny underpants for an intimate couple to share.

Willy Warmer
Keep your willy warm with the help of this knitted goodie.

A gift set that consists of three things: wine corkscrew, beer bottle opener, and wine stopper.

C*ck Nose
Be someone else with this clever disguise.

Brass Ball Keychain
Prevent your keys and other little items from going missing by attaching a brass ball keychain to it.

Coloring Book
Adult coloring book in its truest sense. This coloring book features patterns certain naughty …erm… motifs.

Have the mac & cheese you always wanted with this d*ck-shaped pasta.

Naughty Check Book
Heat things up with these smart naughty checks.

Merry Christmas!

I hope you enjoyed these naughty ideas. Let us know your favorite naughty gift in the comment section below.

Naughty gifts for guys
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