22 Naughty Gifts that He Really Wants

Discover the hottest and naughtiest gift ideas to spice up your love life. Whether you are looking for sexy gifts for boyfriend or husband, these 20 steamy ideas will never fail to start the sexual fires burning. If you’re asking yourself: what sexy gifts does he want for his birthday? You will find the answer that you’re looking for below.

Spice Things Up with These Naughty Gift Ideas for Him

The tried and true recipe for a dead bedroom is deep passivity and never-changing routine. Break your routine with one of these creative bedroom accessories.

1.   Edible Body Paint

Create exotic art on each other, paint out a wonderful night he can never forget. Enjoy viewing and savor your masterpiece. Champagne and strawberries flavor.

2.   Adult Dice Game
Love game for couples. Set of 4 dices with all sorts of exciting combinations to have extra fun in the bedroom. One of the best sexy gifts for him under $10.

3. Too Big to Fail T-Shirt

Boost the man’s ego by getting a t-shirt that praises his size and endurance.

4. Sex Position Coloring Book
Naughty and informative coloring book for couples. Explore rousing new positions in an enjoyable, approachable and brightly colored way.

5. Yummy Sexy Food
Let him enjoy the perks of being your man – good food plus good sex. Isn’t it a good life every man ask for?

6. Best C*ck Ever Apron
There is no free lunch in this world, get your best cook to help in the kitchen. Wait… is he the best cook ever? You will know by looking at his apron.

7. Therapeutic Couple Vibrator Massager
Innovative sexy gift for men. A powerful wand style massager to bring pleasure to you both. The dual wand has a rotating handle designed to deeply stimulate every spot you can imagine. Wave after wave of comfort waiting to flood your bed.

8. Let’s Neflix n Chill Mug

Yes. It’s possible for a coffee mug to be sexy. This coffee mug says let’s Netflix ‘n chill, for the uninitiated, it means having sex. For private use only, as every sip from this mug emits sexual signal like pheromones.

9.   Noir For Men Body Spray 
Make him smell clean and sexy all the times.

10.   Tuxedo Boxers
Love nicely groomed man? Make him wear a tux even in the bedroom. One of the best naughty gift for husband.

11.   Position of The Day Playing Cards 
Two packs of playing cards to spice up your relationship. Each card shows different position of the day and has a name of it.


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12.   Intimate Getaway Kit  
Escape to a romantic paradise with this sensual kit for lovers. Contains assortment of travel sized naughty treats to ignite a passionate night.


13.   Why I Must Have Sex With You Writing Pad
Use this checklist to let each other know why you need “it”. Select the every reason, then clear off the kitchen table and let the fun begin!

14.   Romantic Ring for Service Bell
The best girlfriend or wife is at your service. Ring the bell for some romance.


15.   Massage Candle
Create romantic moments with this scented candle that melts into silky smooth massage oil. Smells lovely, infused with pheromones to entice.

16.   Coupons for Couples
Coupon book for lovers. 24 beautifully illustrated and thoughtful coupons to warm his heart.

17.   Sexy Bowtie and Cuffs
Formal wear for the bedroom. No cover up, show off his manliness to the max!

18.   Natural Silk Blindfold
Unleash his inner Christian Grey, feel perfect relaxation and enjoy the “human touch”.

19.   Love Flirting Whip
More playfulness and naughtiness with little toy. Tickle and tease for more bedroom fun.

20.   469 Fun Sex Questions for Couples
Excellent book filled with steamy questions to discover the secret desires of your partner. The right book to help stoke your desire with creative new ideas for being naughty, frisky and playful.

21.   Sexy Truth or Dare: Pick-A-Stick
This naughty Truth or Dare game is another great sexy gift for men. 50 sticks with sexy truth and dirty dare to heat up the environment.

22.   Betsey Johnson Feather and Chiffon Babydoll
Last but not least, sexy gift that he can’t resist — private eye candy that only he can see. Pom pom feather nightie to transform you into a seductive lady.

That’s it! Sexy gifts that your man will definitely appreciate. Have fun!

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