20 Naughty Bachelorette Gifts for Bride (That Will Help Spice Up Her Honeymoon)

Discover 20+ extra Naughty Bachelorette Gifts. Find the perfect gift for the bachelorette for her hen night party or as an obscene sexy wedding gift. This sexy guide is for ADULTS only. NSFW images ahead, proceed at your own risk!

Naughty Bachelorette Gift Ideas for the Bride-to-be

The bride-to-be and her husband will thank you for this naughty bachelorette gift. These sexy dice are the secret weapon to a busy bedroom. This dice set comes with 2 12-sided sex position dice, one 10-sided body part dice, and one 6-sided action dice; the latter two are meant to be rolled together to come up with a random action that stimulates a certain part of your spouse’s body. The two-position dice provides 24 positions to inspire with helpful illustration and numbers on the dice. You can use those numbers to find more explanation about a position in the informational booklet that comes with the game. The dice come in a satin bag inside a beautiful gift box, ready to be presented to the bachelorette.

Ring-ring, it’s sexy time! Great bachelorette party idea to embarrass the shy bride — but it can also be a practical tool to do things differently in the bedroom… or living room… or the kitchen… you get the idea. The handbell is a 5″ bell with a traditional handle. It is in sexy red and black with a delicious shine. On the bell is the all-capitalized bolded text that says “Ring for Sex”. The bride and even her husband will find this bell tremendously useful when they need a non-verbal mating call.

A certain oral activity, which is usually performed in the bedroom, could produce quite a mess. Joke after the fact with this bright red adult bib with a luscious mouth with sexy lips wide open. This will surely be the talk of the bachelorette night.

Bright pink underwear that is out to make a statement. Great gift for the bachelorette on her hen night. This pair of underwear allows the bride-to-be to have a heartfelt laughter during the party, and later with her husband when he sees the words on it. Tell her husband the clam isn’t going to lick itself, the outcome will probably be satisfying for both the bride and her husband.

What better way to eternalize the last girls’ night out before getting married with an outspoken pink tumbler? The text on the tumbler says “last fling before the ring”. The bachelorette will love this double-walled acrylic drinking cup with lid and straw.

I recommend this sex vouchers for the bride and her husband. Although these vouchers are designed for male human, it can be a great way to spice things up in the bedroom for both parties. The husband can redeem these vouchers for greater romance, passion, and most importantly sexual activities.

Do you know Jenga? This is an adult Jenga-risque game that will result in the players having sex. Play almost exactly like Jenga: first stack the wooden blocks, then take turns to remove the blocks one by one, the one collapse the wooden stack loses. The only difference is each wooden block is marked with a number, as you remove a block, the other party has to perform the action that is prescribed by the number on the block. The action linked to each number is found in the activity cards that come with the game. You can choose the types of cards to use depending on your naughtiness at the moment — teaser card for milder sexual activity, hardcore card for explicit hardcore action. If your friend likes to play Jenga, this bachelorette gift will be perfect for her.

New York Times bestselling activity book on stimulating great sex. Literally, the book provides you with bedroom activities that you and your spouse can do together for 101 nights. Does it sound just like any other bedroom activity book? Here is what makes it truly stand out: each of these activities — these seductions — are sealed individually their own secret envelope. You and your partner will take turns choosing a sealed page, tearing it from the book, and start the seduction by following the instructions inside. No peeking at your partner’s pages! If you’re being seduced, wait patiently for your erotic surprises! If you’re seducing, you will follow your secret instructions and watch your partner getting all giddy from the excitement that comes from anticipating what’s to come.

Perhaps you’re looking for a simple and dirty bachelorette gift that your friend can carry around proudly with her house keys. If that’s what you’re looking for, this lovely couple keychain is perfect for you. The keychain depicts a lively couple who are practicing the Cowgirl position. Shiny dark metallic finish for subtle pride. Looking for something less naughty? Check out these G-rated matching keychains instead.

Sexy notepad with predefined options and checkboxes. Answer why I must have sex with you with help of this unique gift. Choose the time and one of more than 100 reasons. An inexpensive funny gift perfect for your friend’s bachelorette party.

Novelty wine stopper in the shape of a small red man that has a very well-endowed p*cker. Keep your wine fresh longer by putting his p*cker into your wine bottle opening. Rubber o-rings on his p*cker to keep the contact airtight. This happy man (as evident by his hurray pose) is a great bachelorette gift for wine lovers.

Nothing is implicit or subtle with this game that has the F-word in its name. In this sexual game for couples, you use the spinner to move your marker around the board while performing some seductive foreplay actions on each other. When one of your markers reaches the bed, the actual intercourse begins with a position suggested by the game. This game can accommodate 2-4 players, if you’re into that kind of action. Probably not a suitable game to play at the bachelorette party though.

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If the rest of the bachelorette ideas on this list are too heavy for your taste, you will like this cute and humorous sex position book. In The Cookie Sutra, two gingerbread cookies position themselves in various sexual position inspired by the famous Kamasutra. The book doesn’t always give you the most anatomically correct pose since they are really just cookies, but it’s fun and arousing to look at. This gift is especially awesome for brides who are a little shy about this kind of thing.

These p*cker-shaped cookie cutters can either be presented as a gift or as part of a bachelorette party that involves baking. Get together with the bride and a couple of friends, mix cookie dough then cut it into little p*ckers with these obscene cookie cutters. Hilarity ensued.

Great gift idea for a lingerie-themed bachelorette party. An extra skimpy sexy apron that barely covers any part of your body. I’m sure her husband with love this slutty apron that is too impractical for any kind of cooking (can you imagine deep-frying anything with this apron?). This side-boobs revealing apron features a lovely blue and white plaited design. It comes in two sizes: medium and large — consult the bride-to-be before buying.

Similar to the red-man novelty wine stopper above, this ring holder also features a man with a well-above-average stick. For this product, however, you get a closer to a real-life man who is depicted as flexing his muscles. This man is here to hold your rings with his stick. Slide your rings onto his stick to keep your ring safe with style; when you want to wear your ring, simply slide it out — giving his stick a quick subtle stroke while you do so. It’s all very obscene… and cool at the same time.

Getting married can be a stressful thing to do — all the stuff that you need to organize requires a tremendous amount of work. Help the bride to relax, to let go of her worries with this adult-oriented c*ckstatic coloring book. Relax your mind and let the stress go when you color the flowers and butterflies that almost always come together to form the shape of a p*cker in this cool book.

18. Coin Collection

Does the bride like to collect coins or other little novelty items? She is going to love these coins that feature a couple having sex in different positions. Gold and silver plated. The coins come nicely protected in a foam-filled tin box — present it as is or wrap it up for a more dramatic presentation.

(Unfortunately, this item is no longer available. If you’re interested in coins like these, check out AliExpress.)

coin collection - naughty gifts for bride

Brew the perfect cup of tea by soaking a ballsack-ful of tea leaves in it. Take the balls out after a short while, do not put the balls in your mouth, they’re not edible.

100 seduction ideas to bring many passion-filled nights. Perfect for an intimate couple. Choose truth or dare then pick a stick from the tube, each of the stick has a dirty dare on one side, and a sexy truth on the other.

What do you think of these bachelorette ideas? Did you find any idea that you like? Do you have any idea to share with us? Leave a comment below.

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