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Best 30th Birthday Gifts for Female Friends

Cyndi Lauper knew what she was talking about when she said “girls just wanna have fun.” Fun birthday gifts are a must for any girls and no matter the occasion you should give your female friends something you would never buy yourself.

So, be a little bold and buy them that unicorn hoodie that you would never be seen dead in. After all, what are friends for but testing out wild gifts.

30th Birthday Gift Ideas for a Female Friend

30th Birthday Gifts for Female Friends

1. Mini Buddha Board

Get creative with water. This ‘etcha -sketch’ is easy to use and lets artists use water as ink. Draw or write anything you want and watch it fade away. Non-messy and eco-friendly.

2. Ben and Jerry’s Euphori-Lock

Help your girl friend protect her ice cream from marauders and barbarians with this combination lock ice cream protector. Complete with taunting note: “I’m terribly sorry, but there is no “u” in “my pint.”

3. Polaroll Toilet Paper Roll Holder

We all go to the bathroom several times a day and it’s usually not a fun event. Why not change all that with this adorable Polaroid roll dispenser and color toilet paper set?

Guaranteed to make everyone laugh – and want one for themselves.

4. Wonder Woman Bikini


You already think she’s Wonder Woman so why not gift her an official Wonder Woman bikini? It’s cute, sexy, comfortable and fun to wear – the perfect gift for a girl friend.

Gift Ideas for 30th Birthday Your Friend Loves

5. Tan Towel Self-Tan Towelettes

Know what’s the perfect thing to pair with the cute bikini above? This pack of self tanning towelettes. Ignore the orange color – these work a subtle, natural sort of magic, transforming you into a more golden, healthier and happier looking version of you.

6. Disturbed Friends

This game is designed to test how ‘mental’ your friends are. Comparable to ‘Cards Against Humanity’ this game contains 250 strange questions and 100 offensive cartoons. Adult themes, so be wary.

7. Cool Dog Comfortable Underwear

No pair of panties is complete without a dog in sunglasses printed on them! But it’s not just cool dogs here – you can find comfortable undies featuring sad kittens, sleeping puppies, cool cats and a lot more of your favorite animal friends.

8. Organic Dry Shampoo


Here’s the one thing that a lot of women just cannot live without: dry shampoo. It seems like such a frivolous, pointless invention but on those days when you can really use the extra 15 minutes of sleep, have back to back meetings or are just too hungover to shower before brunch…dry shampoo is the often unsung hero of your day.

So if your friend doesn’t already have a trusty bottle – trust us, she’ll appreciate it. Especially since this one’s 100% organic and free of any ingredients that may irritate her scalp.

9. Wonder Woman Women’s Silk Printed Robe

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This one size fits all robe is silky smooth and officially licensed. The WonderWoman print is bright, and any superhero fan would love this.

10. Aesthetica Cosmetics Brow Contour Kit

Learn the art of eyebrow contouring with the kit. It comes complete with 7 steps and product on how to tame wild eyebrows.

Cool Gifts for 30th Birthday: Friends Edition

11. Rotating Laser Twilight Stars Galaxy Hologram Projector

This star projector shines clear images on any surface. AC adapter included, and there is no set up required.

12. High Heel Shoe Wine Bottle Holder

This high heel holds a 750ml wine bottle. It has a study design and is great as a functional or novelty gift.

13. MiniMD Microdermabrasion Device

This trendy skin care product exfoliates skin leaving it smooth and complexion bright. In only 5 minutes you can have spa ready skin at home.

14. Baby Foot Deep Exfoliator

Those pictures may look disgusting but that’s just ’cause it’s someone else’s feet it’s happening to. When your own feet start peeling off all their calluses and nastiness, it’s just…fascinating.

The result? You’re left with baby soft feet. Grab one for yourself and one for a friend and give them the gift of shameless sandal wearing.

15. F*ck Me Eau de Parfum

Know a woman with a sense of humor? She’ll love this hilarious perfume. It makes a great gag gift that’s actually useful since this complex “floral, oriental fruity” scent smells quite lovely and is designed to be “irresistibly stimulating for men.”

16. Sephora Gift Card

This gift card is perfect for any makeup lover. Upload it with as much as you like and let your friend buy what she would like.

17. The Obsessive Chef Bamboo Cutting Board

Made to be durable and easy to clean this cutting board is 12 by 9 inches. The markings allow for precision cutting every time.

18. Unicorn Rave Spirit Furry Hood

This funky rave hoodie is an explosion of color. One size fits all, and the hoody is great for Halloween or to keep warm.

19. Eco Bamboo Thermos & Silicone Tea Infuser

Made from steel and bamboo this travel mug will keep things warm or cold. 100 % BPA free and elegant designed this is made for girls on the move.

20. Giant Gummy Bear

Sweet tooth girls will love this 5-pound gummy bear. Weighing in at a whopping 5 pounds, you can bet this gummy bear will last for a good long time.

21. Bath Bombs Gift Kit

This set of 8 unique bath bombs that contain natural healing ingredients. Made to promote relaxation and rejuvenation.

22. Stainless Steel Digital Photo Frame

This ultra-thin digital frame comes with a built-in calendar and clock mode for great desk display. It allows for up to 4 images on the screen at one time.

23. Pink Star Light Up LED Pasties

This pack of two pasties are made with bright pink LED lights. The batteries are replaceable and have easy on/off twist buttons.

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