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Top 10 Gifts for People Who Think Poop is Highly Amusing

This post is dedicated to my little brother, who began to find all things related to poop very funny around the age of 6 or so. It’s continued for nearly a decade now. If it continues for another, we’ll probably have to consult professional help, but for now…we’ll let him have his shits and giggles (pun intended).

Any one of these great¬†poop gifts below would make his day. Maybe they’ll tickle your poop-lover, too. For your convenience, you will find that most of these poop merchandise are available through Amazon.

You can even put all these merchandise into a basket and make it a poop gift basket, which I think certain people would probably enjoy receiving on Christmas. Not me though, just putting this piece of information out there.

Poop Gifts That Change Everything

Poop Stress Toy

This is the classic gift for any poop lover. The realistic little turd is just a piece of foam that you can squeeze and abuse when you’re feeling like sh*t.

When you’re feeling better, it can double as a fun prank object. For the prank, simply leave the poop anywhere. One idea is to leave it on the toilet seat in the bathroom, but your imagination is the only limit here.


Everyone Poops 410 Pounds a Year

Does the poop-lover in your life think (s)he knows everything there is to know about poop? Prove them wrong by showing them that there’s always more to discover…this illustrated bathroom companion is filled to the rim with amazing, hilarious, need-to-know facts on the one thing everyone does, but most people don’t want to talk about.

Explores fascinating questions such as…

  • Where does poop go after you flush?
  • How do astronauts poop in space?
  • Can I light my poop on fire?
  • …and many more need-to-know poop questions.


Kama Pootra

Most of us spend our lives pooping in the same, old boring way. Bet the poop-lover in your life has often wished for some different, more creative ways to poop.

Well, his (or her) wishes are answered with the Kama Pootra – the only known translation of an ancient manual instructing readers in the art of the enlightened bathroom experience by revealing 52 mind-blowing ways to poop.

Every time the bathroom door closes, a new experience awaits.


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Poop Shaped Soap Bar

poop gifts

What are two things that should always go together – but never be combined?

You guessed it…poop and soap.


Oh, the best part? It’s actually chocolate scented. Yummmm.

Toilet Mug

The poop-lover in your life can’t always be on the toilet…so why not bring the toilet to him with this handy little toilet mug?


I Pooped Today! Mug

A convenient way for the poop-lover in your life to announce his special gift to the world…to everyone in the world.

The Doodie Mug

An incredibly realistic piece of dung. Right at the bottom of your mug. Everytime. Constant bliss.


This item is perpetually out-of-stock. Order it immediately if you see it available. What can we say – poop is popular.

Stinky Poo and T.P. – Friends Forever

Why not let the poop-lover in your life take the poop to bed? That’s gross, you say.

But not with these adorable plush creates – Stinky Poo and TP. They’re BFFs.


Jumpin’ Banana Doody Head

If there’s one thing every poop-lover has wished for – it’s the chance to lovingly fling little poops at other people’s heads. Well, the universe creative directors at Jumpin’ Banana has heard these prayers and come up with…wait for it…a Velcro Headcap Poo-Flinging GAME!


Yes, you get to stick a Velcro cap on your head and dodge little poops that are fling at you by your best buddies. The person with the least poop on his head wins!

Limitless, poo-flinging fun!

Know Your Poop Poster

Adored by poop aficionados worldwide, this handy little poster features 12 graphic displays of to help you identify the sort of poop you just made. They provide helpful descriptions in case you want to investigate further.

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