Naughty Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

Get him a naughty gift on Valentine’s Day that is romantic and sexy. Discover 18 best naughty gifts for men below. The ideas here are unique, nice and fun. They make the steamiest gift ideas for boyfriend, husband or couples.

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Naughty Gifts for Him (Valentines Day)

Naughty Ideas for Valentine’s Day Gifts

1. Why I Must Have Sex With You Pad

Let’s start the list of Naughty Valentine’s Gifts with this funny checklist that allows lovers to select every reason why you need “it”. Added with a sense of humor, both of you can take it out anytime and bring on the fire. Witty and hilarious. He is going to like it!

Knock Knock Why I Must Have Sex With You Pad

2. Love Check Book

A special checkbook to buy him many unforgettable moments. 60 naughty checks for hot adventures. It contains cool and exciting ideas inside.

Sex Checks: 60 Checks for Maintaining Balance in the Bedroom

3. Best Cock Ever Apron

This is a fantastic apron for him who loves cooking. Bold statement, striking color. Says “Best Cock Ever”, oops… I mean Best Cook Ever. Hilarious and naughty. Gonna make him laugh!

Best Cock Ever Apron

4. Erotic Glow in the Dark Adult Dice 

You can also get this set of four fun dice. Great variety of playfulness. Throw the dice to spice up your relationship.

Erotic Adult Dice

5. Ring for Sex Handbell

Another naughty gift idea he will love – a bell that offers a good laugh and plenty of fun times. Ring to let your partner knows what mood you are in!

Ring for Sex Handbell

6. RoadHead Adult Board Game

Wanna do something special on the special day? You can play this board game with him. Enjoy the wild joyrides designed for lovers, try something different, try something awesome. A sexy game he can’t resist.

RoadHead - Adult Board Game

7. Milk Chocolate Lover’s Body Paint 

Edible body paint to spice things up. Transform lovers into tempting milk chocolate. Create romantic moments filled with passion and love.

 Milk Chocolate Lover's Body Paint

8. Elephant Underwear for your SO

Another gear for “fun-tastic” night. A super adorable elephant coming to make your Valentine’s Day more rousing.

Men Elephant Underwear

9. Naughty Night Wine Glass

Big 18.5 ounces wine glass to celebrate the day. Three levels to determine the night: Nice night, Naughty night, and the highest level Can’t remember.

Naughty Night Wine Glass other side

10. The Man The Legend Boxer Shorts

Boxer shorts with funny graphics that gonna make him proud. Bold statement, rich colors.

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The Man The Legend Boxer

11. Valentine’s Day Naughty Food

You can also make him some delicious food with naughty design. We recommend baking with this cookie cutter set. 5 creative designs available ‘stuffin the muffin’, ‘over baking it’, ‘very well risen’, ‘baking from behind’ and ‘toad in the hole’.

MasterBaker Cookie Cutter

12. I Dare You: 30 Sealed Seductions Cards

Something exciting for the lovers. A luxe box filled with 30 seductive prompts and dareseach sealed in the envelope. Open up and discover thrilling ways to sensual play and more.

I Dare You: 30 Sealed Seductions Cards

13. Boob Pillow – for the long distance boyfriend

To comfort him when you are not around. A soft and cuddly pillow featuring curves contoured like those of a woman, including a bosom to rest his head upon for comfort. Thoughtful and naughty.

Girlfriend Boob Pillow

14. The Romantic Coupon Book for more exciting date nights

A love coupon book that provides cheesy and exciting activity ideas for a couple to do. Contains 22 beautifully illustrated coupons to create unforgettable romantic moments.

The Romantic Coupon Book

15. Sexy Truth or Dare: Pick-A-Stick

Sensual Truth or Dare game to boost couple’s love life. Includes 50 sticks that feature 100 “high-voltage” actions. Makes one of the most exciting games for you and your SO.

Sexy Truth or Dare: Pick-A-Stick

16. The Modern Kama Sutra: The Ultimate Guide to the Secrets of Erotic Pleasure

A wonderful book containing a useful guide for livelier bedroom action. 40 easy-to-follow explicit positions, each beautifully illustrated by stunning color photographs, step-by-step instructions, difficulty ratings, and relevant quotes from the original text.

The Modern Kama Sutra: The Ultimate Guide to the Secrets of Erotic Pleasure

17. The Little Black Book of Sex Positions

Another good book containing reference that leads to mind-blowing ecstasy for couples.

The Little Black Book of Sex Positions

18. Kiss Me Men’s Underwear

Last but not least, a red boxer briefs that he will appreciate. Cute and comfy. Great for Valentine’s Day and any other days when he is in the mood.

Kiss Me Men Underwear

Alrighty babes, that ends our list of naughty Valentine’s Day gift ideas. Have a steamy hot night with your boy. Thanks for reading!

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