69 Naughty Stocking Stuffers for Adults 2019

Discover sixty-nine sexy stocking stuffer ideas for adults. If you’re looking for a spicy stocking filler for your wife, this listicle is for you. Same thing if you’re searching for a naughty gift for your husband.

Naughty Christmas Stocking Stuffers

Christmas is my favorite time of the year.

It just feels so festive. I guess it’s hard not to feel that way since there are Christmas decorations and songs literally everywhere you go. When Frank Sinatra’s Let It Snow (Dean Martin’s version is great too!) comes on, I just couldn’t help but feel like I’m having a cup of hot chocolate next to a fireplace with Christmas stockings hanging around it.

For those of you who are blessed enough to be able to celebrate with your SO (husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, etc) this year, why not heat things up a little bit by stuffing your partner… ‘s Christmas stocking with something naughty? You should do this especially if you two aren’t having kids yet. Pulling out something sexy from the stockings without getting noticed by the kids require some extra effort (shameless plug: check out our stocking stuffer ideas for teen boys and teen girls). It’s not impossible though, so don’t be discouraged if your kids will be around! One way to handle the situation is to simply wrap the sexy stuffers with wrapping paper and put a warning label on it. Or you could just inform your partner of a hot package ahead of time.

Anyway, I have compiled a list of 69 (tee-hee) naughty stocking stuffer ideas for you to get some inspiration from. Some of these are suggestive, some are sexy, and some are downright erotic. This list is meant for adults only (NSFW!), you have been warned.

Naughty Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Adults

  1. Briefs/panties
  2. Bra
  3. G-string
  4. Bikini
  5. Micro bikini
  6. Perfume
  7. Naughty love coupon!
  8. Wireless egg vibrator
  9. Bralette
  10. Lip Balm
  11. Lip Stick
  12. Body spray
  13. Massage oil
  14. Scented candle
  15. Choker
  16. Too big to fail funny t-shirt
  17. Cameltoe tote bag
  18. Spa voucher
  19. Non-VPL panties
  20. Sex dice
  21. Fifty Shades of Grey book set
  22. Garter belt set
  23. Edible wearable
  24. Costume for roleplay (e.g. Cinderella and Prince Charming)
  25. Sleep mask
  26. Handcuffs
  27. Mini skirt
  28. Micro skirt
  29. See-thru blouse
  30. Truth or dare sticks
  31. Netflix n’ Chill t-shirt
  32. Pajamas
  33. Yoga pants
  34. Short shorts
  35. Naughty keychain
  36. Earrings
  37. Nipple rings
  38. Nipple sucker
  39. Best c*ck apron
  40. Nipple clamp
  41. Nipple stickers
  42. Body paint
  43. Temporary tattoo
  44. Rabbit vibrator!
  45. Rabbit ears
  46. Heels
  47. Tights
  48. Pornhub premium gift card (Yes it sounds mystical, almost like a unicorn, but it’s real)
  49. Kegal exercise guide
  50. Kamasutra
  51. Adult coloring book
  52. Erotic comic
  53. Erotic magazine
  54. Fleshlight!
  55. Masquerade ball masks
  56. Mouth gag
  57. Adult board game
  58. Buttplug
  59. Strip club ticket
  60. Ticket to an adult movie
  61. A “hall pass”
  62. Chastity
  63. C*ck sleeve
  64. C*ck ring
  65. Condoms
  66. Suction toy!
  67. Bl*wjob bib
  68. Sexy notepad
  69. Position of the day playing card

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