Best Gifts for Dog Lovers: A Dog Lover’s Gift Guide

Dog-themed presents for dog lovers. Practical and funny ideas for people who are crazy about their dogs. Perfect for birthday, Christmas, and just because.

We all have at least one dog lover in our lives. And why shouldn’t we? Dogs are awesome. Here’s a roundup of the coolest dog gifts guaranteed to please any dog lover in your life.

Personalized Dog Blueprint Poster

Here’s a gift every dog lover will appreciate – a personalized dog blueprint poster with their own dog’s name on it. It’s beautiful, unobtrusive enough to fit into any home decor and describes their beloved bestie’s most recognizable parts.

It’s actually the perfect dog lover gifts.


Dog View Camera

If there’s one thing all dog lovers spend time wondering about – it’s what their dogs get up to when they’re gone. Satisfy your dog lover’s curiosity and allow them to see the world from their dog’s eyes with this collar-attachable camera.


Humunga Stache Ball for Dogs

Need a gift for a ‘stache-lovin’ dog lover? This Humunga Stache makes the perfect two-in-one gift for both the dog and its owner – a ball for the dog to play with and a ‘stache that the owner can be proud of.


We Like Big Mutts and We Cannot Lie

Cute doormat guaranteed to make any visitors to the dog lovers’ home laugh out loud.


Pug Laptop Bag

Who doesn’t need a good laptop bag? Now combine it with a picture of an absolutely adorable pug and that just makes it a great gift for any dog lover.


Dachshund Cutting Board

Love cheese and snacks? Love dogs? Well, this dog-shaped cutting board is perfect!


Werewolf Muzzle for Dogs

Do you know a dog lover with a big, scary dog? Are they often heard complaining about how misunderstood their poor, sweet pooch is?

Well, if this dog lover also has a sense of humor, they’ll love this super scary werewolf muzzle. It’ll transform their big, misunderstood dog into an even more misunderstood creature: the werewolf.

Terrifyingly hilarious.

Find it here!

Must Have Dog Books

Dogs by Tim Flach

There are a lot of awesome dog books out there but if there is one coffee table every dog lover needs – it’s this one. This book combines a collection of the most stunning photography ever done of dogs with an exploration into the bond between man and man’s best friend.

We recommend the hardcover.

Find it here!

Underwater Dogs by Seth Casteel

Yet another visually sumptuous book for dog lovers, Underwater Dogs shows dogs like you’ve seen them before – in all their under-water acrobatic glory.

Get it for the dog lover in your life!

Shake by Carli Davidson

Who doesn’t love how wildly crazy their dogs look mid-shake? Well, this book captures the absurd loveliness of every moment.

Find it here!

Dyson Groom Tool

My mama always told me that the best gifts are always the most useful. And this one wins in that department. The Dyson Groom Tool attaches to any vacuum cleaner and allows the dog lover to groom their pet and simply suck up all the furry stuff that comes off. How freakin’ useful is that?!

Guaranteed to win you major points with any dog lover.

Find it here!

Speaking of useful gifts, here’s one that all dog lovers will love. You know how dog owners have to constantly brave whatever weather is happening out there to walk their dogs? Well, this sort of removes the necessity of that.

The Doggie Lawn lets the dog owner lie back and relax while their canine friend does their business on the little patch of totally disposable real grass. As good as it gets.

Find it here!

Batman Dog Costume

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Okay, so we can’t be practical all the time. Especially when there’s fun to be had with costumes! You don’t need to tell me this Batman dog costume is badass. You can tell just by looking at it.

Find it here!

Don’t Judge My Dog Bag

You know what’s seriously annoying for every pet owner without kids? Those irritating parents who think they’re children can do no wrong but have no qualms about criticizing your beloved pet.

Well, this bag will tell those cretins to bug right off!

Find it here!

Dog Lover’s Pasta

Let’s move on to yummier pastures with these beautiful paw and bone shaped Dog Lover’s Pasta! Perfect for any dog’s birthday party!

Find it here!

Pug Face T-Shirt

Know a dog lover who loves his dog so much, he wants to broadcast it to the world? Help him do just that with this lovely and wonderfully realistic pug t-shirt. These also come in a variety of dog breeds.

Find it here!

Pug Mask

Why display your pug love across your chest when you can actually be a pug? Well, not really, but this pug mask comes pretty close.

Find it here!


Is the dog lover in your life a huge fan of self tracking? Well, then they’re bound to love tracking their dog’s performance as well.

With the FitBark, they can monitor their dog’s everyday activity, set health goals, and even compare their performace with similar dogs (and humans!). Fun times for all.

Find it here!

Bowser Beer for Dogs

What about dog lovers whose idea of going outdoors consists of drinking beer on the patio? With the dog, of course. The perfect solution is a 6-pack of dog beer. It’s non-alcohol and tastes like chicken. It’s even got glucosamine in it for healthy joints.

Find it here!

iFetch Interactive Ball Thrower

Continuing on with the lazy dog owner theme, here’s one for those who just cannot be bothered to throw so many damn balls. The ever-active iFetch will throw ball after ball for you.

Find it here!

Personalized Dog Poster

Beautiful and personalized, this watercolor poster is a great gift for any dog lover, especially the ones you don’t know that well.

Find it here!


Know a dog lover who absolutely hates leaving their dog at home for extended periods of time? Give them some peace of mind with the PetCube. This awesome little device is actually an interactive camera that lets any dog lover watch, talk to and even play with their pets from their smartphone.

Best gift ever.

Find it here!

Puff N’ Fluff

All good dog owners know that their dogs need frequents washings to avoid smelling like the plague. And usually it’s a lot of fun watching them shake the water off, but what about the cold winter months? You don’t want Fluffy to get a cold, do you?

Well, the Puff and Fluff will dry them right off.

Find it here!

Wine Glass Dog Markers

Dog lovers tend to be pretty social people. Which means they’re often going to have people over. And when you have people over, you need to serve them wine. In individual glasses, preferably. How do you keep all these wine glasses from getting mixed up?

With adorable wine glass markers shaped like dogs, of course.

Find ’em here!

Dachshund Cast Iron Doorstop

Give your dog-loving friend this gorgeous cast iron doorstop – great for friends who don’t have a dog but would love one waiting for them when they get home.

Get it now!

Why not pair it up with a matching bootscraper?

Buy it now!

Zen Pug Statues

Who doesn’t need a little more ZEN in their lives?

Put a smile on any dog lover’s face with this Zen pug statue – perfect to place in the garden, by a pond, on a work desk, or a windowsill.

Get it now.

Dog Umbrella

Help your dog lovin’ friend walk his dog in the harshest of weather with this conveniently transparent collar-attachable umbrella.

Find it here!

Snoozer Lookout Car Seat

This is quite possibly the best gift for the dog owner who loves to pamper his pet.

Cozy, safe, and complete with a little travel rack so man’s best friend can have his food and water wherever he roams.

Find it here!

Texts from Dog by October Jones

A collection of absolutely hilarious texts from a “dog” guaranteed to make any dog lover laugh out loud.

Get the hardcover!

This Not a Joke Doormat

This is the cutest dog-themed doormat we’ve come across.

We daresay you’d agree.

Get it here!

Dachshund Salt & Pepper Shakers

Dog lovers like salt and pepper. Especially if they come from dogs. Wait, what, that doesn’t sound right…we mean especially if they come out of dog anus. No, that’s not it either.

Okay – these are a set of salt and pepper shakers shaped like little dachshunds.  They sprinkle salt and pepper when they go potty. Don’t you wish all dogs did that?

Find ’em here!

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