Yoga Gift Guide: 37 Yoga Gifts for People Who Do Yoga

Racking your brain for some great yoga gifts for your asana lovin’ friends? We got you covered. Here’s a list of absolutely om-tastic gifts for yogis your friends will love!

Awesome Yoga Gift Ideas for Yoga Practitioners

Namaste 24K Bar Necklace

Yoga words. There are so many of them but maybe none as essential as this one. Come to think, there are entire yoga classes where the only thing you say during the entire practice is…namaste.

Beautiful words, beautiful meaning and now inscribed on a beautiful necklace.

Find it here!

Yoga Gift Basket Set

Don’t have time to shop for a bunch of yoga gifts for your yogi? Let this yoga themed gift basket do the work for you.

Find it here!

Monogrammed Yoga Mat

Don’t you hate it when you’re flowing through a sun salutation and in your zen-ed out bliss, you forget which yoga mat is actually yours? Okay, that never happens. But still, it’s pretty cool to have your very own yoga mat with your very own initials monogrammed onto it.

It’ll make your yogi smile every time she’s in downward dog and catches a glimpse of the beautiful inscription.

Find it here!

Oh, and pair it with this Mind Over Lather yoga mat cleaning spray to make it an even better yoga gift package!

Zobha Yoga Mat Carrier

Yoga mats are wonderful but they’re a little lacking in…pockets. And when you’re running to yoga class, the last thing you want to be doing is juggling your wallet, your keys, your water bottle, your phone and whatever else you’ve got on you.

Since you can’t gift your yogi the many limbs of Ganesh, you can opt for the next best thing: a yoga mat carrier with pockets big enough to hold all the essentials.

Find it here!


Green smoothies aren’t just delicious – they make the perfect yoga food. They’re the ideal, light yet nutritious snack when you’re kinda hungry but you don’t want to chow down because you have yoga class in an hour.

If the yogi you know doesn’t have a high-powered blender yet, trust us when we say they want one.

Find it here!

Inhale the Good, Exhale the Bullshit Poster

Words of wisdom any yogi will appreciate hanging on his walls.

Find it here!

Yoga Jellies

Know a yogi who loves his practice but suffers from wrist or knee pain? HEe will LOVE you for getting him some yoga jellies. They protect sensitive, injury-prone joints better than any half-a**ed rolling up the mat will – and they’re easy to lug around as well :)

Find ’em here!

Yoga Pugs Racerback

You don’t need us to tell you that this is the cutest yoga gift ever. There is not a yogi alive who will not smile at the sight of this.

Find it here!

Yoga Pugs Shoulder Bag

Think the yoga pugs racerback is adorable? Pair it with the matching yoga pug shoulder bag and make it a better yoga gift.

Find it here!

Infinity Strap

You know all those rolled-up (and hard to roll back up) straps they keep at the back of every yoga class? Yea, this one is infinitely better than those.

Hands down the most useful yoga strap ever – it’ll help your yogi friend twist himself into asanas he never dreamt he’d maneuver.

Find it here!

Meditation Ring

These beautiful meditation rings are based on the ancient Tibetan Prayer Wheels. The intricate ring has outer bands that can be spun around the actual ring and the simple practice of turning the wheels is said to give your yogi good luck, increase good karma, purge the mind of negative thoughts and encourage calm and serenity.

What better gift for a yogi?

Find it here!

Nayoya Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set

Every yoga teacher ever says that savasana – corpse pose – is the most important asana in a yoga practice. Want to know how you can make this resting period even more delightful for your yogi friend? Gift them this acupressure mat.  It’s got 6,210 acupressure points to relieve muscle stress while encouraging relaxation while the Neckupressure Pillow has 1,782 acupressure points!

And all you gotta do is lie down on it. How cool is that?

Find it here!

Yoga Cats Shower Curtain

What’s cuter than pugs doing yoga? A whole collection of yogi cats of every breed and variety! And now you can give your yogi the gift of their favorite pets in their favorite asanas every time they wander into the restroom!

Find it here!

Freezible, Antibacterial & Collapsible Water Bottles

Know what’s the worst thing about hot yoga class? Finally taking a break to sip from your water bottle only to find that it’s gone room temperature. Which, in a hot yoga class, is pretty darn warm.

Help your hot yoga lovin’ yogi get her fill of icy cold water all throughout the class with these collapsible, freezable, antibacterial water bottles.

Find ’em here!

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The Time is Now Clock

What better way to remind your yogi friend that the time is now…whenever he looks at the clock?

Find it here!

Gaiam Yoga Gloves

Most yogis don’t need gloves but if your yogi friend is a bikram enthusiast – these will help. A lot. With all the steamy sweat that occurs in a hot yoga class, it’s nearly impossible to keep a slip-proof grip on your hands and the last thing you want to do is struggle with an unsteady grip when you’re in three-legged dog.

Get ’em the gloves, will you?

Find it here!

Oh, and you can always pair them with the matching Gaiam Grippy Toeless Yoga Socks to make it an even better yoga gift :) They come in a few colors so you’ll be able to find one your yogi will love. 

Find ’em here!

Yogitoes Yoga Towel

Sometimes it’s not just your hands that get all slippery – work up a good sweat and your feet are just as likely to lose traction. Yogitoes yoga mat’s the best solution to all that. It’s covered in tiny silicone dots on the bottom that help grip the mat with the strength of a thousand little “toes.”

Plus, it’s hella comfy thanks to the microfiber materials.

Find it here!

Tibetan Singing Bowl

There’s nothing like the sound of a Tibetan singing bowl to deepen one’s practice. This is one of the best yoga gifts for her or him.

Find it here!

Padma Meditation Seat

Know a yoga who’s trying to work himself into the lotus position? Yea, that’s a pretty challenging pose…and you can give him a huge boost by gifting him the Padma Seat. This is a godsend for anyone with joint or lumbar issues.

Find it here!

Way 2 Cool Microfiber Cooling Towel

A hot yoga class can be as hot as 105 F (40.5 C) degrees. And remember – your yogi is flowing through postures and holding some challenging asanas in this heat.

He’s prone to getting pretty warmed up. Help him find some cooling relief with these microfiber cooling towels – they’ll help wipe off the buckets of sweat while providing cold comfort.

Find ’em here!

Satya Turquoise Hamsa Lotus Necklace

Beautiful turquoise and silver necklace, makes a lovely yoga gift for her.

Find it here!

Yoga Wheel

Got a yogi friend who’s been wanting some help deepening into her backbends? These yoga wheels are the best way to ease your way to a more flexible spine.

Find it here!

Mandala Yoga Massage Balls

Feel weird about getting your friend a pair of balls? Don’t be – these aren’t your average balls. They’re massage miracle workers. If your friend is into Yin yoga or restorative yoga, he’ll love these.

Find ’em here!

Sanuk Women’s Yoga Slings

Looking for that perfect combination of practical and wonderful? These yoga slings will do the trick. They’re ridiculously comfortable, so comfortable that your yogi will soon be wearing them everywhere and not just to yoga class.

They also come in a pretty wide variety of colors and patterns so you’ll be sure to find one she loves!

Find ’em here!

Namaste in Bed Poster

A little reminder for any yogi that just ’cause you feel like staying in bed all day, doesn’t make you less of a yogi.

Find it here!

Yoga Cats Duvet Cover

Speaking of bed, who doesn’t want yoga cats on theirs? No one, that’s who. Gift your yogi the ever-delightful gift of yoga cats…on their duvet cover. In other words, constant ananda.

Find it here!

Yoga Cat Bookends

Does your yogi love yoga, cats, and books? This is the purrfect gift for them.

Find ’em here!

Namaste & Om Aromatherapy Necklace

This antique yogi necklace is both beautiful and helpful, allowing your yogi to carry her favorite essential oil scents around in it. All she needs is a few drops onto one of the included felt pads and the scent will last for hours.

Pair it up with a few essential oils for a great yogi gift package!

Find it here!

Yoga Blocks

Yoga blocks are standard must-haves that all yogis will appreciate, especially if they don’t have any of their own yet. And they’ll love these – they’re super soft and lightweight while providing great support.

Find ’em here!

Lavender Eye Pillows

Does your yogi friend have trouble just letting go and going blank during savasana? Grab them a pack of these lavender eye pillows. It’ll make the room go darker than dark and the scent of lavender naturally promotes relaxation.

Find ’em here!

Cool Mist Humidifier & Essential Oil Diffuser

Yoga classes can be so darn relaxing…why not help your yoga friend recreate the lovely-restive atmosphere at home with her very own humidifier and essential oil diffuser? Yea, it does both.

Find it here!

Namaste Bitches Sweatshirt

Casual wear for the sassy yogi.

Find it here!

Peace Yoga® Zafu Meditation Cushion

As far as yoga gifts go, this is one of the most thoughtful – you’re essentially giving your yogi the gift of painless, comfortable meditation sessions.

Seriously, they’ll be able to sit on these buckwheat filled cushions for hours. So when they finally reach enlightenment, it’ll be all thanks to you.

Find ’em here!

Yoga is for Everyone Poster

Perfect for animal loving yogis. These barnyard animals in asanas remind us that yoga is indeed for everyone.

Find it here!

Ceramic Elephant Neti Pot

Don’t know what the hell a neti pot is? Don’t worry – your yogi knows. And it’s probably the reason he doesn’t suffer from sinus infections or allergies…

Find it here!

How to Do Yoga Mug

Yes, even yogis drink coffee. And now they can sip their java in style. Asana style, that is.

Find it here!

Framed Savasana Print Poster

great gifts for yogis

Any any yogi for their list of favorite asanas and you’ll notice savasana very often comes out on top. There’s good reason for this, too – it’s an awesome, restive pose. And this framed savasana poster is a lovely way to remind your favorite yogi of their favorite asana.

Find it here!

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