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18 Best Gifts for Animal Lovers They’ll Love

Know someone who loves animals more than humans? Yea, join the club. We all know at least one person who meows at every stray cat, must stop to pet all the dogs, gives generously to every save-the-whale, save-the-sharks, save-the-gorillas campaign and knows more about the mating habits of meerkats than the Kardashians.

So how do you go about shopping for these animal aficionados? Easy, just pick from one of the best gifts for animal lovers. As usual, we’ve got you covered – you’re bound to find the purrfect present for your animal lover on this list!

Fish Hotel

Know an animal lover who’s currently in the unenviable position of having no pets? Rescue them from that predicament with this fancy little fish hotel – and a fish, of course.

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Hand Carved Stone Elephant Statue

Absolutely stunning hand-carved elephant statue with a baby elephant inside. Perfect for any animal lover’s home or office.

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Chinese Zodiac Rabbit Ring

What animal lover wouldn’t love to have a little bunny hanging off their fingers? None, that’s who.

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Hedgehog Slippers

cute animal lover gifts

Seriously, what is it about hedgehogs? They’re cute enough in person but as slippers? The cutest animal lover gifts you could get ahold of.

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Gift Ideas for Animal Lovers

Cat Clothes Hangers

Animal lovers love animals and dog lovers love dogs…but cat lovers? They L-O-V-E cats. If you’ve got a cat person on your list, rest assured that they’ll love any sort of gift that depicts their favorite animal. And if the cat gift is practical too, well, that’s an extra purr-k.

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Cat Head Shoulder Bag

While we’re on the topic of cats, we can’t leave out this adorable little cat head shoulder bag. It’s cute as hell…and big enough to stash a whole lot of cat food!

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Animal Paper Clips

What does every animal lover need? Paperclips, of course! And the plain old variety are just so boring. So help them spice up their office lives with a little of duck, rabbit, pig, penguins…and the list goes on and on. Trust us, you’ll find their favorite animal in the form of paper clips :)

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Fish School

The downside of being an animal lover is that you don’t really get to live in close proximity with all the animals you love. But whereas the penguins, lions, and manatees of the world are pretty much off limits – fish are not. Which means many an animal lover has a fish or five lying around.

And whereas fish make low maintenance pets but they’re not the most fun creatures out there, you know? They just lie around and mooch off your water and fish flakes. Well, no more of that! Help the animal lover in your life put their fish to work with this fish school training kit.

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It’ll transform their lazy floaters into world-class soccer players in no time. Guaranteed…no, not really, but it does make a funny gift :)

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Whale Coffee Mug and Cookie Holder

good gifts for animal lovers

Every animal lover loves whales. And cookies. And probably coffee, too. Well, gift them the best of all worlds with this whale-shaped coffee and cookie holder. It’s the best.

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Unique Gifts for Animal Lovers

Wooden Elephant Wireless Speaker

Made with transportation in mind, this adorably chic wooden elephant comes with its very own iPhone stand in the form of an elephant trunk.

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EcoSphere Closed Aquatic Ecosystem

No creature is too small to deserves unwavering adoration from a true animal lover. Gift them the company of some of the tiniest pets they can keep and a gorgeous piece of decor to add to their homes. This little ecosphere comes with live marine shrimp floating about and doing their thang in a beautiful sphere that’ll look good in any home.

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Horse Head Squirrel Feeder

funny gifts for animal lovers

Does the animal lover in your life like to feed little creatures? Do they also like to laugh? Like, a lot? Well, this hilarious gift will help them do both simultaneously.

This horse head squirrel feeders will be the cutest thing to ever happen to their backyard.

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Slothzilla Shower Curtain

What is it about sloths that make them so cute and so hilarious at the same time? This shower curtain is guaranteed to put a smile on your animal lover’s face every time they step in – and out – of the shower.

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PyroPets Candles

These colorful, beautifully designed candles shaped like animals aren’t just awesome to look at when they’re fresh and whole – as you burn them, they reveal an aesthetically pleasing skeleton that adds a pretty cool decorative touch to any space.

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Sloth Tea Infuser and Mug

We’ve already established that sloths are the best. Especially since they’re always there to remind us that it’s okay to go slow and take some time off our often busy, frenzied lives.

It’s a reminder your animal lover just might appreciate, too.

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Unusual Animal Lover Gifts

Animal Tail Mugs

These beautiful animal tail mugs come in various woodland creatures and double as both a tea/coffee mug and beautiful candle holder. Overall, the perfect gifts for animal lovers of any age and interest.

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Jumbo African Elephant Body Pillow

Most of us don’t have the luxury of having a pet elephant but you can get pretty close with this jumbo-sized African elephant body pillow! As soft as it gets and doesn’t trumpet. So, pretty much perfect.

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Hedgehog Lamp

cute gifts for animal lovers

These beautiful porcelain creatures light up from within to illuminate your night in various shades of cuteness. They come in a variety of creatures, too, like rabbits, squirrels and owls so you can get them the full set.

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Owl Utensil Holder

We all need more holders in our lives. Why not make it a super cute owl holder? Makes it easy for any animal lover to organize their utensils :)

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